7 Best Restaurant Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram is one of the social media applications that people use the most on their phones. At least 2.9 billion people use Instagram on a monthly basis. As a restaurateur, you need to know how you can use the app for your gains. Restaurant Instagram marketing isn’t difficult to understand. With some research and excellent photography skills, your restaurant will become the talk of the town.

Instagram had started out as a photo-sharing app. These days, you’ll find that many people share more videos and reels than photos. As a restaurant owner, you can do all of that. These features will give people the BTS to your cooking skills.

This app is a good opportunity to expand your food business over the world. It may sound illogical at first, but it’s true. When people see your videos trending on Instagram, you’ll find food lovers, travellers, and food bloggers would want to come to your restaurant and eat the meals made by you.

Thoughtfully curated restaurant Instagram marketing strategies will get your page trending in no time. You just have to be honest with your audience.

In today’s article, we share a few marketing tips that’ll make everyone remember your name and your restaurant.


7 Best Restaurant Instagram Marketing Tips

1. Run Contests

Contests will increase people’s interaction on your page. What you can do is, ask people to upload a picture of a dish from your restaurant. The first five people who get the most likes can be rewarded with gift coupons or discounts.

You can do a food-related quiz with three levels. You can reward the person who gets the most correct answers.

2. Interact with followers

You can ask your followers about their favorite dishes from your restaurant. You can ask them which type of wine they prefer through the Instagram story polls.

3. Share Videos and Stories

Don’t forget to make videos. Make loads of videos. It’s through videos that people will look at the art of making the perfect pasta. Moreover, interview the cook while making the videos. Ask them about the process, their favourite spices and toppings.

4. Click Pictures

Of course, you’ve to click pictures of your food. But know your angles too. Food photos come out perfectly with proper lighting and camera angles. The photo can be clean and complete, or it can be messy and imperfect. There are no rules here.

5. Write Creative Captions

“Will you be the pineapple to my pizza? People don’t get us, but as long as we love each other, we’ll be fine.”

Don’t write simple captions. You’re looking for the “Aww” and “Haha” reactions and not the uninterested sighs.

6. Use Hashtags

#foodlovers #foodforever #pizzapizza

Do your hashtag research. When you use hashtags that have a higher number of posts on them, there are chances that your posts will trend.

7. Collab With Food Bloggers

Influencers or food bloggers have a huge fan base. Collaborating with famous food bloggers will get more attention to your content. Moreover, food bloggers can give you many helpful tricks on restaurant Instagram marketing.


The Takeaway

Restaurant Instagram marketing is an effective marketing technique to attract more people to your restaurant. Instagram has many active users, and many of these users are always looking at food videos and pictures.

By making a business account for your restaurant’s page, you’ll give people an insight into what really goes down in your restaurant. Many people are curious to know what is the inspiration behind a dish or a dessert. Through Instagram, you can be transparent and tell the world what really inspired you to cook that meal or what made you pick up the first knife and slice the first potato.

Be sure that you’re being authentic with the content you post on your page. Keep engaging with your followers by doing content and asking them questions. Use videos as a way to let the followers know how a meal is prepared.

You don’t need to be an expert to know restaurant Instagram marketing tips. Any person with the basic knowledge of Instagram and its algorithm can use its tools can excel at it. It is important to impresses both, your followers and the Instagram algorithm.

Restauranta Instagram Marketing Tips

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Shristi Patni

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Shristi is a content writer and owner of F and B Recipes and Snazzy Women. When not writing, she can be found reading or trying new recipes.


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Written by Shristi Patni

Shristi is a content writer and owner of F and B Recipes and Snazzy Women. When not writing, she can be found reading or trying new recipes.

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