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You might wonder, how did we come up with the name?

Ok, let’s clear this up, ARTI = short for Article, SYN = short for Syndication, and the Q refers to the top definition of the word Qwantz (intellectually stimulating material found on the internet).


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  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Scrapbooking
  • Street Art
  • Woodworking


  • Auto Industry
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  • Motorcycles

Books, Literature & Writing

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  • Comics & Graphic Novels
  • Commercial Writing
  • Essays
  • How to Write
  • Literature
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  • Poems & Poetry


Business & Employment

  • Advertising
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  • Finance & Investment
  • How to Make Money Online
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  • Presentation & Public Speaking
  • Small Business & Entrepreneurs

Education & Science

  • Colleges & University
  • Economics
  • Foreign Languages
  • Geography, Nature & Weather
  • Law & Legal Issues
  • Life Sciences
  • Medicine & Health Science
  • Psychology & Psychiatry

Entertainment & Media

  • Cartoons & Animation
  • Celebrities
  • Comedy
  • Movies & reviews
  • Music
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  • Photos & Video
  • Radio & TV


Family & Parenting

  • Dating & Marriage
  • Daycare & Babysitting
  • Family Etiquette & Social Skills
  • Genealogy & Family History
  • Grandparenting
  • Kids & Teens
  • Parenting Skills
  • Spousal Problems & Conflicts

Fashion & Beauty

  • Clothing
  • Cosmetic Surgery
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  • Fashion Accessories
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Food & Cooking

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Games, Toys & Hobbies

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Health & Wellness

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  • Health & Personal care
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  • Visioin & Eye Care
  • Womens Health

Home & Lifestyle

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  • Real Estate



  • Apps & Mobile
  • Blogging
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  • Web Design

Personal Finance

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  • Insurance
  • Investing
  • Mortgages & Loans
  • Retirement & Savings
  • Tax & Taxes

Pets & Animals

  • Animal Care & Safety
  • Animal Rights & Welfare
  • Birds & Exotic
  • Cats & Cat Breeds
  • Dog & Dog Breeds
  • Farm Animals & Livestock
  • Horses
  • Tropical Fish


Politics & Social Issues

  • Charities
  • Economy & Government
  • Environment
  • European Politics
  • Pacific Region Politics
  • Social Issues
  • Transportation
  • United States Politics

Shopping & Products

  • Computers
  • Digital Music
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  • Health & Household
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  • Tools

Sports & Recreation

  • Fishing
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  • Team Sports
  • Youth Organization



  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
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  • Cyber Security
  • Renewable Energy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • World Wide Web

Travel & Places

  • Hotels & Accomodation
  • Travel Activities
  • Travel Guides & Books
  • Travel Tips
  • Travel Transportation
  • Visiting Australia & Oceania
  • Visiting Europe
  • Visiting North America

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Updates from The Guardian

President of Pacific island nation urges countries to join bid for nonproliferation treaty at UN general assemblyVanuatu becomes first country to call for global treaty to phase out fossil fuels... Read more
Published on: 3 hours ago
By Miranda Bryant and Australian Associated Press
The president of the Pacific island of Vanuatu has become the first head of state to make a call for a global treaty to phase out the use of fossil... Read more
Published on: 3 hours ago
Pontiff tells young people he is pinning his hopes on their efforts to safeguard environment and help the poorPope Francis called on Saturday for “courage” in abandoning fossil fuels and... Read more
Published on: 3 hours ago
By Associated Press in Assisi
Boris Johnson was far more eco-conscious than recent Conservative predecessors. But this mini-budget is a reversion to typeThe dash for growth by Kwasi Kwarteng means unshackling City bankers and property... Read more
Published on: 4 hours ago
By Phillip Inman
An unofficial network of fishers, divers and scientists are banding together to stop illegal fishing and curb coastal destructionScotland’s coastal waters are in trouble. They contain some of the world’s... Read more
Published on: 8 hours ago
By Karen McVeigh
With water a precious commodity in California, residents are turning to native plants – saving money without sacrificing beautyA lush green lawn has long been a symbol of the perfect... Read more
Published on: 10 hours ago
By Lois Beckett in Los Angeles with photographs by Alisha Jucevic
Bee bus stops first appeared in the Dutch city of Utrecht. Now the UK is planning for more than 1,000 and there is growing interest across Europe and in Canada... Read more
Published on: 10 hours ago
By Phoebe Weston
England’s spheres of flattened land are under fresh scrutiny as global grain prices skyrocketMore than 40 football pitches’ worth of arable land has been affected by crop circles in England... Read more
Published on: 14 hours ago
By Mark Tovey
Settlers who restored abandoned village of Fraguas face prison if they can’t pay €110,000 to demolish itThe stone and slate church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán held out for almost... Read more
Published on: 16 hours ago
By Sam Jones in Fraguas
As pollution concerns mount and lucrative opportunities emerge in the sustainable economy, the days of cane field burning may be numberedSign up for the Rural Network email newsletterJoin the Rural... Read more
Published on: 1 day ago
By Khaled Al Khawaldeh
Fridays for Future ‘strikes’ in about 450 places demanded rich countries pay for damage from global warmingThousands of young people have staged a coordinated “global climate strike” across Asia, Africa... Read more
Published on: 1 day ago
By Damien Gayle and agencies
In my group, Nanas Against Fracking, we know community organising is not easy. But we are a force to be reckoned withHysterical “luddites” funded by Russia was how Jacob Rees-Mogg,... Read more
Published on: 1 day ago
By Tina Rothery
Participants view Milky Way and Andromeda galaxy as campaigners bemoan restrictions on right to roam“Welcome to the night,” beamed a right to roam campaigner welcoming a coach load of city... Read more
Published on: 1 day ago
By Mark Brown North of England correspondent
The landmark ruling found the Morrison government had violated the rights of the Indigenous people by failing to take adequate action to cut emissionsGet our free news app, morning email... Read more
Published on: 1 day ago
By Adam Morton Climate and environment editor
Emergency shelters don’t adequately protect residents. Enter community spaces – centers built to withstand climate disruptions and offer long-term preparedness On the Saturday before Labor Day, in the east Los... Read more
Published on: 1 day ago
By Gabriela Aoun
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