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Updates from The Guardian

Perth festival is offering a last chance to spend time in the abandoned Carillon City before it is demolished. It’s not as you remember itAs a fresh-faced 16-year-old in mid-2000s... Read more
Published on: 3 hours ago
By Rosamund Brennan
Carbon intensity of the country’s economy remains high, despite rapid improvements in clean energy outputChina is off track on all of its core 2025 climate targets, despite the fact that... Read more
Published on: 4 hours ago
By Amy Hawkins Senior China correspondent
The impact of meat on the environment is well known, but what about staples such as rice and legumes?Biodiversity-conscious eaters could consider substituting potatoes for rice, cutting down on beef... Read more
Published on: 9 hours ago
By Sophie Kevany
Attorney general’s attempt to end climate protesters’ use of consent defence is slippery slope, says KCA government attempt to remove one of the last remaining defences for climate protesters would... Read more
Published on: 12 hours ago
By Bibi van der Zee
We are seeing cowardice on a huge scale, so we will ratchet up pressure on MPs. We’ll also seek our own voice in parliamentAfter two years of civil resistance, Just... Read more
Published on: 12 hours ago
By Sarah Lunnon
In a rebuke to Governor Ron DeSantis’s denialism, the student body calls for campus-wide measures to tackle the climate crisisThe University of Florida student senate voted in favour of a... Read more
Published on: 13 hours ago
By Aliya Uteuova
Shadow farming minister commits to forging closer relationship with EU as polling shows farmers favour Labour over ToriesLabour has laid out its plans for farming at the National Farmers’ Union... Read more
Published on: 15 hours ago
By Helena Horton Environment reporter
The firestorm that engulfed Lahaina last year disrupted a whole way of life and led some to reflect on food, land and a future beyond tourismIn the aftermath of last... Read more
Published on: 16 hours ago
By Nina Lakhani in West Maui, Hawaii
Communities such as the Saamaka are vocal in opposition to increased mining and logging – but has the country’s claim to fame as the most forested in the world already... Read more
Published on: 16 hours ago
By Bram Ebus in Pokigron, Suriname
Rules hailed as once-in-a-generation chance to improve air quality but loopholes will let member states delay by up to a decadeThe European Union has agreed to set stricter limits on... Read more
Published on: 17 hours ago
By Ajit Niranjan Europe environment correspondent
Analysis gives clues as to why butterflies and moths have been resilient through dramatic changes on Earth – and could help with future conservationThe genomes of butterflies and moths have... Read more
Published on: 18 hours ago
By Patrick Greenfield
Armed with a Geiger counter, Michael Collins was given access to multiple power stations across the UK – he found them tranquil, beautiful and sinister Continue reading...... Read more
Published on: 21 hours ago
By Guardian Staff
Fresh growth sprouted from buds under bark and deep inside trees, some buds having lain dormant for 1,000 yearsIn August 2020, wildfire burned almost the entire Big Basin Redwoods state... Read more
Published on: 22 hours ago
By Paul Simons
BMW X3 has biggest gap between manufacturer’s laboratory consumption claims and real-world testing in latest Australian Automobile Association dataFollow our Australia news live blog for latest updatesGet our morning and... Read more
Published on: 23 hours ago
By Elias Visontay Transport and urban affairs reporter
Sultan Al Jaber, an oil executive, calls for governments to be ‘honest’ about costs involved in transition to net zeroThe problem of the ever-growing demand for power must be addressed... Read more
Published on: 1 day ago
By Damien Gayle Environment correspondent

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