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Updates from The Guardian

Effective governance of Britain’s nuclear industry is critical to saving a hazardous industry from itselfThere will be many reasons why Britain’s energy secretary, Claire Coutinho, went public with her unease... Read more
Published on: 1 hour ago
By Editorial
An update on the first half of the UN climate conference in Dubai, including shock over the host president’s commentsA summary of some of the news from the first half... Read more
Published on: 5 hours ago
By Mark Oliver
Exclusive: Australian magnate-turned-green-evangelist says companies that don’t stop burning fossil fuels will have ‘blood on their hands’ Get our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastAn... Read more
Published on: 5 hours ago
By Adam Morton in Dubai
A record 84,000 people are in attendance at the UN climate summit in Dubai, including thousands of activists and members of civil society Continue reading...... Read more
Published on: 5 hours ago
By Guardian Staff
However the Albanese government has not contributed to a newly created global loss and damage fund at Cop28Get our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastThe... Read more
Published on: 6 hours ago
By Adam Morton in Dubai
Exclusive: Five IPCC report authors say scientists should be allowed to make policy prescriptions and potentially oversee implementationSenior climate experts are calling for an overhaul of the structure and powers... Read more
Published on: 7 hours ago
By Arthur Neslen
Groups seek more time to comment on US Forest Service proposal to store carbon dioxide amid fears over safety and impactA proposal that would allow industries to permanently stash climate-polluting... Read more
Published on: 7 hours ago
By Pam Radtke
A lucrative underground trade risks undermining research, creating new pandemics and pushing a recently abundant species to the brinkIn 2019, Jonah Sacha, a researcher at Oregon Health and Science University,... Read more
Published on: 10 hours ago
By Phoebe Weston
As world leaders gather at Cop28, these charts show how far away the major economies are from their targetsNot a single G20 country has policies in place that are consistent... Read more
Published on: 11 hours ago
By Ashley Kirk
Madeleine Finlay hears from the biodiversity and environment reporter Patrick Greenfield, who is reporting for the Guardian from Cop28 in Dubai. He describes the rollercoaster first week of highs and... Read more
Published on: 12 hours ago
By Presented by Madeleine Finlay, with Patrick Greenfield, produced by Joshan Chana and Madeleine Finlay, sound design by Mau Loseto, the executive producer is Ellie Bury
A pioneering city scheme is putting France’s ambitious waste-reduction policies into practice When Alexandre Garcin dreamed up Zero-Waste Roubaix, it wasn’t sustainability he wanted to tackle, but the litter problem... Read more
Published on: 14 hours ago
By Joseph Winters
Professional trappers find it increasingly hard to fill their sacks for market as the country’s forests, grassland and swamps where the insects breed are lostAs night falls on Masaka’s industrial... Read more
Published on: 14 hours ago
By Alon Mwesigwa in Masaka
Selworthy Woods, Somerset: There is now sky where there wasn’t before, and fragments of blackened twig litter the floorA late, wet walk in the woods, rain falling in bursts, the... Read more
Published on: 14 hours ago
By Sara Hudston
Traditionally unpopular carbon taxes could be achieved with regulatory compliance, IMF head tells Cop 28 Diverting the trillions of dollars by which the world subsidises fossil fuel production each year,... Read more
Published on: 15 hours ago
By Fiona Harvey in Dubai
The 80,000 delegates are thinking of how best to unwind from the climate summit ‘whirlwind’ in Dubai on their only day offFrom the world’s largest waterpark to an indoor ski... Read more
Published on: 16 hours ago
By Patrick Greenfield in Dubai

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