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Thanks for checking out Artisynq. We are a platform for authors, publishers, and writers who wish to share their awesome content with the rest of the world.


How did we come up with the name?

Well, ARTI = short for Article, SYN = short for Syndication and the Q refers to the top definition of the word Qwantz (intellectually stimulating material found on the internet).


Our aim is to present our readers with comprehensive articles for the purpose of increasing knowledge and interest about a variety of topics.

What is Article Syndication?

Article or content syndication is when third-party websites like ours, republish an article that originally appeared elsewhere, like on your blog or website.

Content marketing could be very beneficial for those who want to increase brand awareness, social shares, and follows.

When we (re)publish your article, we will always include a link to the original, and in addition, to prevent duplicate content issues, we implement a canonical tag, which will tell the search engines to only point to the original.


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