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7 Best Restaurant Instagram Marketing Tips

7 Best Restaurant Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram is one of the social media applications that people use the most on their phones. At least 2.9 billion people use Instagram on a monthly basis. As a restaurateur, you need to know how you can use the app for your gains. Restaurant Instagram marketing isn’t difficult to understand. With some research and excellent photography skills, your restaurant will become the talk of the town.

Instagram had started out as a photo-sharing app. These days, you’ll find that many people share more videos and reels than photos. As a restaurant owner, you can do all of that. These features will give people the BTS to your cooking skills.

This app is a good opportunity to expand your food business over the world. It may sound illogical at first, but it’s true. When people see your videos trending on Instagram, you’ll find food lovers, travellers, and food bloggers would want to come to your restaurant and eat the meals made by you.

Thoughtfully curated restaurant Instagram marketing strategies will get your page trending in no time. You just have to be honest with your audience.

In today’s article, we share a few marketing tips that’ll make everyone remember your name and your restaurant.


7 Best Restaurant Instagram Marketing Tips

1. Run Contests

Contests will increase people’s interaction on your page. What you can do is, ask people to upload a picture of a dish from your restaurant. The first five people who get the most likes can be rewarded with gift coupons or discounts.

You can do a food-related quiz with three levels. You can reward the person who gets the most correct answers.

2. Interact with followers

You can ask your followers about their favorite dishes from your restaurant. You can ask them which type of wine they prefer through the Instagram story polls.

3. Share Videos and Stories

Don’t forget to make videos. Make loads of videos. It’s through videos that people will look at the art of making the perfect pasta. Moreover, interview the cook while making the videos. Ask them about the process, their favourite spices and toppings.

4. Click Pictures

Of course, you’ve to click pictures of your food. But know your angles too. Food photos come out perfectly with proper lighting and camera angles. The photo can be clean and complete, or it can be messy and imperfect. There are no rules here.

5. Write Creative Captions

“Will you be the pineapple to my pizza? People don’t get us, but as long as we love each other, we’ll be fine.”

Don’t write simple captions. You’re looking for the “Aww” and “Haha” reactions and not the uninterested sighs.

6. Use Hashtags

#foodlovers #foodforever #pizzapizza

Do your hashtag research. When you use hashtags that have a higher number of posts on them, there are chances that your posts will trend.

7. Collab With Food Bloggers

Influencers or food bloggers have a huge fan base. Collaborating with famous food bloggers will get more attention to your content. Moreover, food bloggers can give you many helpful tricks on restaurant Instagram marketing.


The Takeaway

Restaurant Instagram marketing is an effective marketing technique to attract more people to your restaurant. Instagram has many active users, and many of these users are always looking at food videos and pictures.

By making a business account for your restaurant’s page, you’ll give people an insight into what really goes down in your restaurant. Many people are curious to know what is the inspiration behind a dish or a dessert. Through Instagram, you can be transparent and tell the world what really inspired you to cook that meal or what made you pick up the first knife and slice the first potato.

Be sure that you’re being authentic with the content you post on your page. Keep engaging with your followers by doing content and asking them questions. Use videos as a way to let the followers know how a meal is prepared.

You don’t need to be an expert to know restaurant Instagram marketing tips. Any person with the basic knowledge of Instagram and its algorithm can use its tools can excel at it. It is important to impresses both, your followers and the Instagram algorithm.

Restauranta Instagram Marketing Tips

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Things You Require to Start a Photography Venture

Things You Require to Start a Photography Venture

Have you been looking to start your venture and do not know where to begin? Well, if that is the case, you have arrived at the right blog. Speaking of which, if it is a photography venture, you might require some specific details on equipment, factors, and elements to cash in. With several outlets available for artists these days, you won’t face a shortage of platforms to sell you clicked images. However, first what one has to clear is the required equipment and tools to establish your photography business.

Commencing such a business requires an array of talent and skills to make it all work. If you are a budding videographer or photographer, it simply pimples that the skills needed for operational ends of the venture have to be top-notch and high-quality overall. There’s no hiding from such a fact.

Starting a Photography Venture

It is relatively essential to know that the blog does not focus on tips to start a photography venture. Instead, it focuses on what you require to get things rolling. Since some tools include a license, financial software, insurance, and many more required to start your photography business, you need to know one essential point.

When it comes to photography, you either have commercial work or filmmaking. If you are planning to ponder on some other niche, ensure that it’s worth it. Having said that, here is a detailed list of what you may require before initiating your business partials.

A Good Camera

Photography Venture

Image Credits

Basics always come in the beginning. The very first piece on which the entire work relies has to be a good camera. Since there are multiple options to choose from, your research work on such a piece of equipment should be up with the best. And, remember, Every niche requires a different camera.


Does your photography work require your hands to be sturdy and stationary? Well, if this is the case, you need a tripod to take several pictures without moving the camera around.

Camera Bag

Every piece of tool and equipment needs a protective bag. It is the same with your camera. So, buy a high-quality camera bag to secure and protect the lens and body of the camera.


One of the biggest elements that determine the quality of your snap is lighting. In a studio, where nothing is short of dim or exploratory, you might have to invest in the lighting kit to take magnificent portrait images.


Photography Lenses

Image Credits

Lenses are yet another option that you need to ponder. Well, it would be fair to say that this is one of the costliest choices you’d ever make. While there are plenty of lenses to choose from, always consider investing in a robust one to enhance the photo quality.

Reliable Transportation

Alternatively, one may be more interested or focused on commencing a photography venture where they travel to clients. In such a case, a photographer requires reliable transportation to get from one place to another for shoots.

Smartphone with a Good Camera

Even though you won’t use a smartphone or any mobile device as your primary camera for the photography venture, it can still be an ideal tool. While social media accounts are excellent mediums for sharing behind-the-scenes shots and photos, it can be valuable to have a smartphone take decent yet lively pictures for such a purpose.

Editing Software

Once you have clicked your pictures, you may require software to edit and fine-tune all the images. Programs like Lightroom and Photoshop by Adobe can be ideal investments for people who want to begin their photography venture.

Social Media Channels

One should also sign up on various social media accounts on media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to share updates and photos with potential customers.

Domain Name

Do you know that a website can come in handy for your line of work? Purchase a website domain before getting it developed for your branding and business.

Online Portfolio

It is essential to know that showcasing your work online, be it on your website or other online locations, can be pretty intimidating for your business and portfolio.

Business Cards

What would you carry with you when you travel to your clients? It would be unprofessional for you to narrate the contact number or email ID. So, consider getting business cards printed.


As already discussed before, one may consider purchasing a business policy or insurance that secures or protects all your tools and equipment in situations where they get lost or damaged.

Photo Printer

Photography Venture

Image Credits

Well, this is one of the important ones on the list. A photo printer is what you need to print physical proofs of what you have shared and clicked. Even experts suggest that buying a good printer can make your images stand out among the rest.

Featured Image Credits: Pixabay

6 Cannabis SEO Tips To Help You Improve Your Search Rankings

6 Cannabis SEO Tips To Help You Improve Your Search Rankings

Since maintaining and sustaining cannabis businesses online have become significantly challenging, resorting to specific alterations in strategies such as cannabis SEO, is the need of the hour. With recreational and medical cannabis expanding nationwide, the number of competitors has also seen a rise in the marketplace.

From cities to neighborhoods, numbers of such competitors have only witnessed growth, which, in turn, poses a challenging situation for both web-based marijuana businesses and storefronts. Another possible halt for cannabis businesses is the online visibility that 80% of consumers face while purchasing cannabis-infused products from online stores.

Search Engine Optimization

Image Credits

When it comes to cannabis SEO, it allows you to drive quality results, expanding from reaching the local audience to a specified group of people near you. Such a strategy enables people to visit your business’ website and converts them into potential clients and customers.

Furthermore, you need to understand the limitations of promoting cannabis products on Google and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. However, if you are looking to implement cannabis SEO strategies, here is a rundown of half a dozen tips to improve your search rankings.

1. Understand how cannabis users search on the web.

Understanding how a user searches for cannabis products on the web is one of the foremost things. Under cannabis search engine optimization, there are several high-ranking keywords that an SEO professional can include to boost a website’s reach. This helps the website get more traffic and places it quite high on the Google search pages. Even though SEO can help a cannabis business significantly, it is essential to learn about a user’s search intent. For such a situation, keyword research is vital. However, you require a list of local and effective cannabis-related keywords that will help drive traffic.

These days, people search by typing long-tail and dynamic keywords and phrases on search engines with voice search’s introduction on smartphones. As a result, you need to observe the searched results before incorporating any SEO strategy.

2. Adhere to Mobile Optimization.

Your cannabis SEO should be mobile adaptive, mobile responsive, and mobile-optimized websites. With an increasing number of users operating through their smartphones, your SEO strategy should adhere to mobile optimization. Before moving ahead, understand users’ time on their smartphones and how their searches differ from that of desktop/laptop searches. It is essential to know that smartphone users are all over the platforms like Bing and Google. Since most people are actively searching on their respective smartphones now, adhering to mobile optimization is a must.

3. Use Social Media.

Actively participating on social media platforms helps boost your SEO strategies if performed in the right manner and improves the relationship between you and potential clientele. It is essential to know that a specific social media strategy depends on the platform you are utilizing. However, every cannabis business should at least have a Google+ and Facebook page. Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms, an ideal way to reach more people and divert the traffic back to your cannabis website.


Image Credits

On the other hand, Google+ is not as popular as Facebook. But, adhering to Google indexing can do wonders for your business. Every post that you publish on Google+ gets indexed under search rankings.

4. Make use of directory listings.

Websites like YellowPages, Local, and Yelp boost the chances of a user locating your business and provide quality links directing to your website. Several directories like Weedmaps, THCBiz, and Leafly exist under the cannabis bracket. So, whenever you start with the listing journey, make use of reputable and quality directory links.

5. Use Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

Image Credits

Google Analytics is an ideal way to quickly track your cannabis conversions, behavior, traffic, and several other statistics. If you are operating a cannabis business, it is essential to have Google Analytics to track the business’ progress. Optimizing the website for ideal results is a profound way to increase the number of inbound online visibility and sales.

6. Optimize Page Load Time and Site Speed.

Mobile page load time and site speed are two connected factors that you tend to ignore regarding website optimization and cannabis SEO. A report suggests that an average landing page takes around 22 seconds to load fully. Furthermore, some of the easy ways to optimize site speed are:

  • Minimize the server response time
  • Implement the asynchronous loading of JavaScript and CSS
  • Optimize every image to a maximum of 160kb-200kb

What You Need To Know

For any cannabis business, thriving in an online or offline market is no less than a necessity. Moreover, the limitations laid down by specific social media platforms and Google concerning paid advertisements add to cannabis promotions’ downfall. That’s where cannabis SEO can significantly help. However, it would be ideal for you to consider these options before beginning to take on the industry by storm.

Featured Image Credits: Pixabay

Everything You Need To Learn About Blogging

Everything You Need To Learn About Blogging

So, we got to know that you write and want to say something to your readers? Well, if you can make a difference and make some money simultaneously, what would be better? If this is the case, good for you. However, the only problem being, how do you initiate the activity? How do you start writing for someone and operate as a blogger? There are endless elements and points that you may have missed out on while starting to blog. If you do not know what to expect from this, here is a checklist that can assist you in every way.

1. Blogging takes a lot of effort.

You might have been fascinated by the lifestyle of some bloggers by now. But, it does not portray the actual picture of a blogger. While you may have seen a travel blogger uploading their travel stories, fashion bloggers adorning some of the trendy fashion sequences on Instagram, the reality can hit you right in the spot when you think about becoming a blogger. One has to invest a lot of time and effort into rewriting, editing, writing, sourcing images, researching, etc.

Blogging Tips

Image Credits

And once your article is published, you may have to spend a lot of time promoting the blog on several networks. Blogging requires an individual to be patient and consistent. Speaking of which…

2. Blogging isn’t the straightforward way to earn money.

We’ve read about most bloggers who live by blogging and earn tons of money. Yes, this isn’t false. You can earn, and one day, you’re definitely going to reach that level. However, note that getting there will take sustained years of patience and work. Before beginning with blogging, be clear in your head that blogging is a long-term investment rather than being short-term. In addition, start blogging for all the right reasons, and earnings will follow.

3. Choose a niche

Well, this may be one of the biggest challenges in your journey. Have you been writing about games lately and want to start a blog on gaming? Speaking of which, ensure factors that can drive traffic to your blog. With a pre-decided niche, things can fall into place. But, what’s in a niche, you’d ask? When it comes to blogging, a specific niche might help attract readers interested in the topic. Shortlist trendy titles and decide how to prune the potential.

4. Start small

Learn About Blogging

Image Credits

Are you starting a blog for the very first time? It is possible that you may not get around it initially. Besides, many people may not like the layout of the blog or the content approach you have taken. Well, this is entirely okay. While others have invested heavily into their respective blogs, you do not have to follow in their footsteps. Build a free site with no fancy whistles and bells.

Both Blogger and WordPress are ideal platforms where one can begin their blogging journey as a free agent. Build your style and take time to incorporate most of the figures and speeches. Once you have a fair share of visitors, you can always move to paid plans and self-hosting.

5. Nothing beats excellent content.

Remember, if you write exceptionally well, no visitor can avoid you. Moreover, brands might also contact you for paid promotions when the blog theme is killer, and your content is not such a filler. You just have to generate traffic through superb writing, and there you have it! Once you’re halfway across, gradually expand your reach.

6. Blogging means going social.

A blogger is pre-destined to connect and interact with fellow bloggers, both outside and within the niche. Not only is this an ideal way to expand your network, but it is also a suitable way to reach a larger group of audience. Bloggers also tend to form a well-knit community with recurring link-outs, social shares, guest posts, etc.

If you’ve done some pre-planning, you can create your media platforms with a social media strategy on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

7. Be ready to learn new things

Be Ready to Learn New Things

Image Credits

There’s no age to learn. That’s because we learn every day. But, unless you originate from a technical background, chances are you will pick up new skills as you get to focus more on blogging. Nearly every blogger needs to understand basic analytics and SEO and keep updated with ongoing trends and changes like Google updates.

8. Always be yourself

Many people get this wrong. To become a successful writer or blogger, you have to be honest and true to yourself. Let your readers and traffic see who you really are. You need to express and develop your voice and style. Don’t hesitate in conveying your thoughts. That’s what a blogger is; write about what you’d want to become, do, and plan on doing. This might be a challenging job, but what isn’t?

Featured Image Credits: Pixabay

A Step-by-Step Guide: How To Edit Photos Like a Professional

A Step-by-Step Guide: How To Edit Photos Like a Professional

In the modern age, photos and videos have become two of the integral parts of social media platforms. With current algorithms, even a mere quality upgrade can affect the post’s reach. And, we’re not talking about how the photographer captured the moment. Instead, the focus is on how the editing work has been done to transform a raw capture into an astonishing one. It’s no surprise that quality captures are the essential pieces of an Instagram strategy. Fortunately, one does not have to be a pro at photography to produce astounding images for your Instagram channel.

How to edit photos

Image Credits

All you require is a smartphone camera and a few hands-on editing tools. And, with little practice, you can hone the skill of making it look welcoming. This blog will guide you through essential photo editing steps to grow and establish your brand aesthetics and audience. So, what are you waiting for? Save a couple of pictures and follow this guide to learn something more than editing. Here we go!

1. Begin with a quality shot

The conclusive shortcut to developing a fantastic Insta post is beginning with quality pictures. Try to shoot in natural daylight and take a handful of snaps. That is because you will have various options to select from. If you have stock photos, a lot can be done on that as well. All you need is a scope to work through editing. In the end, experts recommend starting with pictures that are ideal for Instagram. If the image is too small, it may have grains and become blurry for every viewer.

2. Choose your filter

When it comes to filters, it mainly depends on individuals. Just like ice-cream flavors, multiple people may have numerous choices. According to one of the studies, the most suitable Instagram filter is Clarendon. This filter offers highlighting effects and brightening that can flatter most images. Furthermore, you can adjust the filter intensity by tapping it the second time and then adjusting its sliding scale from 0-100 (no effect-full effect).

Once you have administered your favorite filter, utilize it on all the posts and establish an aesthetic feel for all your feeds. In such a way, you can build a brand identity of your own.


Image Credits

3. Adjust the Lux setting

Once the filter is ready, consider adjusting your lux settings by clicking over the sun icon that you can find above the picture. Lux tends to adjust the exposure and contrast of images while adding dimensions and making every feature of the picture pop. Such a setting acts like a contour, but for your pictures. This isn’t for your face. Well, if you did not know, such a setting is specifically valuable to enhance underexposed photos.

4. Adjust your other settings

When you’re done with the third step, move further by tapping the edit button towards the bottom-right to make specific adjustments in other settings. Experts always check the alignment of their pictures. And, if you are someone who doesn’t like to get crooked by the painting hanging on the wall, you should try that too. Other settings enable you to create custom filters. Through these, you can:

  • Add vignette effects for a Polaroid-like image.
  • Adjust structure settings to enhance sharpness and contrast.
  • Scale-up saturation levels for vivid colors. One can also tone it down to develop faded effects.

5. Tweak specific photos in multi-image posts

Editing Photos

Image Credits

If you’re one of those Instagrammers who share multiple pictures in one post, consider editing each one separately. Moving on, tap the icon of the photo to pop up individual editing options. In case you do not adhere to this option, Instagram will automatically apply your editings to every photo in a similar way. If the pictures were captured in various conditions or feature several subjects, consider editing them.

6. You can post to Instagram now, or save it for later.

You don’t feel like posting the pictures right now? Well, that is entirely fine. When you click to post the picture, just before that will be an option to go back. Post this, click back to the edited photo and press your back arrow down. Instagram will send an action to get two options, save your image as a draft with all your edits or cancel. So, the next time you decide to post a new picture, the saved draft will show in front of you. Such an option allows you to pre-edit several photos and post as and when you’re ready.

Parting Thoughts

Well, even though you’re a beginner and don’t know how to make ends meet when it comes to editing Instagram-specific pictures, consider the mentioned steps. All you have to do is go through each step and understand how to deal with specific methods. Once you’ve mastered these, the sky’s the limit for you.

Featured Image Credits: Pixabay