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So, we got to know that you write and want to say something to your readers? Well, if you can make a difference and make some money simultaneously, what would be better? If this is the case, good for you. However, the only problem being, how do you initiate the activity? How do you start writing for someone and operate as a blogger? There are endless elements and points that you may have missed out on while starting to blog. If you do not know what to expect from this, here is a checklist that can assist you in every way.

1. Blogging takes a lot of effort.

You might have been fascinated by the lifestyle of some bloggers by now. But, it does not portray the actual picture of a blogger. While you may have seen a travel blogger uploading their travel stories, fashion bloggers adorning some of the trendy fashion sequences on Instagram, the reality can hit you right in the spot when you think about becoming a blogger. One has to invest a lot of time and effort into rewriting, editing, writing, sourcing images, researching, etc.

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And once your article is published, you may have to spend a lot of time promoting the blog on several networks. Blogging requires an individual to be patient and consistent. Speaking of which…

2. Blogging isn’t the straightforward way to earn money.

We’ve read about most bloggers who live by blogging and earn tons of money. Yes, this isn’t false. You can earn, and one day, you’re definitely going to reach that level. However, note that getting there will take sustained years of patience and work. Before beginning with blogging, be clear in your head that blogging is a long-term investment rather than being short-term. In addition, start blogging for all the right reasons, and earnings will follow.

3. Choose a niche

Well, this may be one of the biggest challenges in your journey. Have you been writing about games lately and want to start a blog on gaming? Speaking of which, ensure factors that can drive traffic to your blog. With a pre-decided niche, things can fall into place. But, what’s in a niche, you’d ask? When it comes to blogging, a specific niche might help attract readers interested in the topic. Shortlist trendy titles and decide how to prune the potential.

4. Start small

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Are you starting a blog for the very first time? It is possible that you may not get around it initially. Besides, many people may not like the layout of the blog or the content approach you have taken. Well, this is entirely okay. While others have invested heavily into their respective blogs, you do not have to follow in their footsteps. Build a free site with no fancy whistles and bells.

Both Blogger and WordPress are ideal platforms where one can begin their blogging journey as a free agent. Build your style and take time to incorporate most of the figures and speeches. Once you have a fair share of visitors, you can always move to paid plans and self-hosting.

5. Nothing beats excellent content.

Remember, if you write exceptionally well, no visitor can avoid you. Moreover, brands might also contact you for paid promotions when the blog theme is killer, and your content is not such a filler. You just have to generate traffic through superb writing, and there you have it! Once you’re halfway across, gradually expand your reach.

6. Blogging means going social.

A blogger is pre-destined to connect and interact with fellow bloggers, both outside and within the niche. Not only is this an ideal way to expand your network, but it is also a suitable way to reach a larger group of audience. Bloggers also tend to form a well-knit community with recurring link-outs, social shares, guest posts, etc.

If you’ve done some pre-planning, you can create your media platforms with a social media strategy on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

7. Be ready to learn new things

Be Ready to Learn New Things

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There’s no age to learn. That’s because we learn every day. But, unless you originate from a technical background, chances are you will pick up new skills as you get to focus more on blogging. Nearly every blogger needs to understand basic analytics and SEO and keep updated with ongoing trends and changes like Google updates.

8. Always be yourself

Many people get this wrong. To become a successful writer or blogger, you have to be honest and true to yourself. Let your readers and traffic see who you really are. You need to express and develop your voice and style. Don’t hesitate in conveying your thoughts. That’s what a blogger is; write about what you’d want to become, do, and plan on doing. This might be a challenging job, but what isn’t?

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