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The Alpine Secret to Weight Loss

Updates from The Guardian

Several Dutch celebrities among protesters, including Game of Thrones actor Carice van HoutenMore than 1,500 people were arrested during a protest by the Extinction Rebellion climate group in The Hague... Read more
Published on: 7 hours ago
By Agence France-Presse
The city’s first female mayor is reviled by the elites and pro-car lobby, but embraced by others for her social policiesAs Ada Colau tries to win a third and final... Read more
Published on: 13 hours ago
By Stephen Burgen in Barcelona
State Farm also cites inflation of construction costs in statement which comes after increasing wildfires in stateThe insurance giant State Farm, America’s biggest car and home insurer by premium volume,... Read more
Published on: 14 hours ago
By Gloria Oladipo
A new study uses satellites to predict what California’s famous coastline could look like by 2100California is known for golden sands and endless waves, but much of the state’s famous... Read more
Published on: 15 hours ago
By Katharine Gammon in Los Angeles
Dr Joseph Dituri plans to spend 100 days in his subaquatic compound, as he attempts to document the long-term effects of increased pressure on the bodyMore than 20ft below the... Read more
Published on: 18 hours ago
By Adam Gabbatt
Ham radio users, from teenagers to eightysomethings, are ready to communicate in the next crisis – be it a wildfire, pandemic or ‘the big one’There’s an ancient fable that Glenn... Read more
Published on: 19 hours ago
By Amanda Ulrich in Palm Springs
Yellow flower that only grows in York went extinct in 1991 brought back to life by Natural England expertsYork groundsel was a cheerful yellow flower that slipped into global extinction... Read more
Published on: 21 hours ago
By Patrick Barkham
Scheme that began to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee in 2012 has thrived, project audit findsWildflower meadows planted a decade ago to celebrate 60 years of the late queen’s... Read more
Published on: 23 hours ago
By Helena Horton
Exclusive: Researchers analysed works run by nine water and sewerage companies in England and WalesEleven billion litres of raw sewage were discharged from a sample of 30 water company treatment... Read more
Published on: 1 day ago
By Sandra Laville Environment correspondent
Badenoch, Cairngorms: Only her head is visible, turning sharply to and fro, golden eyes surveying the landEvery year we wait and wonder. Will they come back? Will they reunite and... Read more
Published on: 1 day ago
By Merryn Glover
A Queensland controversy has been building for eight years and will soon be in the hands of Tanya PlibersekFollow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet our morning... Read more
Published on: 1 day ago
By Graham Readfearn
It gives a whole new meaning to ‘going with the flow’ Continue reading...... Read more
Published on: 1 day ago
By Fiona Katauskas
The result of an extraordinary ecological history, many of New Zealand’s birds are highly unusual but all are belovedWhen unsuspecting Miami zoo ambassador Ron Magill woke on Tuesday, he could... Read more
Published on: 1 day ago
By Tess McClure in Auckland
Climate activists in Rome, Russian airstrikes in Dnipro, Vinícius Júnior receives racial abuse in Valencia and Scarlett Johansson at the Cannes film festival: the most striking images this week Continue... Read more
Published on: 1 day ago
By Jim Powell
As drought beacomes the norm, creative solutions must be found to deal with a new, parched realityIn April, Spain’s prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, suggested that severe drought would become “one... Read more
Published on: 1 day ago
By Editorial

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