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The Power of Customer Relationship Marketing
Humans are emotional animals, and unless you can reach your intended audience on an emotional level, you won't be making as great of an impact. In fact, research conducted by the Advertising Research Foundation concluded that the emotion of 'likeability' is the...
How to Deal With Employee Turnover by Handling Conflict
Part of building a successful company is creating a peaceful, collaborative, and supportive work environment for your team. But no matter how great your work environment (or your team members), at some point, conflict in the workplace is inevitable. You can’t avoid...
10 Best Construction Business Apps
Want to grow your construction business? There’s an app for that. Thanks to modern technology, it’s possible to update blueprints, create and sign contracts, and care for your construction workers from your smartphone. To help take your company to the next level,...
Remote Management

Remote Management

By Lucasz Wedel - Introduction: Every now and then I am sharing my thoughts on the management, growth of the company or just a clear description of the role that I held in the past. In this one, I am addressing a problem that I believe is currently slowly getting more...

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