What Can You Expect On A Spa Day?

We are right towards the end of the year, inching closer to the festive season. Christmas is on edge, and it simply implies that many of us will be getting our prime spa time to enjoy these well-deserved offs. Well, what’s the only problem, you ask? You have never been to your nearby spa before. More often, when we do not know a thing or two about something we tend to do, we make a fool of ourselves. But, what if you are lured into getting the wrong treatment, which could ruin the entire day for you or even be detrimental to your health.

Spa Treatment

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Here, you do not have to panic. We have got you covered. With this ultimate spa guide, you are bound to experience the richness and goodness of spa treatments. But, here’s what? When you step into a spa, you will know what to do. So, what are we waiting for?

What time should you arrive?

One of the most asked questions that can confuse people is when should you come to the spa? Although this may differ from area to area and venue to venue, experts recommend that you visit the spa half an hour before your appointment. If you are not seeing the place for the first time, the manager or attendant will request you to fill out some paperwork post-arrival. So, it is always an ideal option to have some extra time before sitting on the chair. Moreover, this is quite handy when there is a queue of guests in the waiting area.

What to wear to a spa?

In the end, it all depends on whether you are going for a brief period or staying through the night. As a thumb rule, when it comes to short day visits, you may have to spend most of the time putting on the swimming suit or robe, apart from the treatments that need you to disrobe. That is why it is recommended to bring a comfortable outfit that does not require too much hassle of taking off or putting on. Meanwhile, suppose you choose to spend the night at the hotel/spa facilities or have fun with dinner at one of the nearby restaurants. In that case, it is always ideal for bringing a comfortable outfit that can match the dress code of your selected establishment.

However, if you are unsure about the idea, consider calling at the reception to dissipate all the doubts. What would you choose? A quiet evening after the treatment or a delicious meal after an entire day of pampering?

Pampering at Spa

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Should you bring anything else?

Visiting a spa does not mean getting a pedicure or Swedish massage. There is also ample time to spend at the gymnasium, in the hot tub, or dipping in a steam sauna. If you are planning to visit the spa for such additional activities, we would recommend you to bring a gym outfit, extra towels, and comfortable trainers, along with the swimming suit to change into. This way, you will have attire designated for every activity. On the other hand, most spa centers tend to provide enough towels, robes, and slippers at the time of your arrival, allowing you to change the attire before commencing your spa time.

But, hey? Who told you that only women could visit the spa? Men can lure into the goodness of getting pampered as well. After all, they deserve this time.

What do you need to expect during your spa treatment?

The majority of the spa centers begin with a consultation with a specific therapist or someone you have booked your appointment with. Here, you have the liberty to choose a female or male therapist. Once you have gone through the selection process, your selected therapist will make you understand the techniques used in the treatment procedure. Besides, zones are also critical while you’re at it. Once you’re in the treatment room, you will be notified of robing and disrobing. But, do not panic. Therapists are trained professionals and will respect your privacy while you robe up.

They will wait outside and will only enter when you are ready. In addition, they only work in specific zones. All the other body areas will be covered for most of the treatment period.

Best Spa Treatments

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Best Spa Treatments

Now, this is the million-dollar question. However, as much as this question is interesting, it is also challenging to answer. In simpler terms, you can select between facials, massages, and body treatments. The most famous options are relaxation massage, Swedish massage, and deep tissue massage when it comes to massages.

Moreover, facials have an array of choices as well. But, they tend to comprise cleansing and exfoliation products. Meanwhile, a body wrap or body scrub can be one of the best and preferred treatments for body treatments.

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