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Cyber Security

How Is VPN Changing The Way Everyone Uses The Internet
The internet has been here for decades, and since its invention, the internet has helped to connect people worldwide. Due to the internet, now the world is virtually a small village. Communication is instant, and access to information is relatively quick.Everyone uses...
52 Hacking and Cybersecurity Statistics You Need to Know
Cybersecurity issues are a looming threat to businesses. Recent trends suggest that malicious attacks are on the rise, with more breached data threats since COVID-19 than we’ve previously seen before. Whilst it may seem obvious to put precautions in place to reduce...
10 Tips to Make Your iPhone and iPad Safer (iOS11 Update)
In May 2014, a group of Russian hackers launched a malware attack against iOS device users, which locked their devices. The group demanded a $100 ransom from each victim to unlock the afflicted devices. While the attack affected a large number of users, it appeared to...

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