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10 Online Shopping Tips That Can Help You Save Money

10 Online Shopping Tips That Can Help You Save Money

In the past decade, online shopping has spread and infected a majority of the population worldwide. Nowadays, we not only look forward to checking various brands through their respective apps but also wait for festive discounts to apply. To add, the e-commerce industry spiked at the right time. Who knew we’d be sitting at home under lockdowns and experiencing movement restrictions. Well, if you have been an impulse shopper, you already know what this post is about. However, that is not the case.

The article talks about several facets of shopping and how one can save their hard-earned money before going online for window shopping. With yet another season coming up, here is a rundown of some essential shopping tips for all forms of shoppers to save money.

1. First, make a shopping list and then go online.

Online Shopping

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We do not want to disappoint you but have you started with the essential tip already? A shopping list can be your lifesaver if you are going unplanned. And spontaneous shopping can lead to going overboard and lead to smashing the bucks. So, decide before going online. You can prepare a list of essentials followed by less-important articles or items. This will help streamline your shopping movement and won’t impact your conscience when you head unplanned and come across a flabbergasted bill at the end of it all.

2. Compare product prices

Once you have made up your mind on what to buy, consider checking multiple websites for price comparisons and reviews. Remember, different sites will not have the same price. Some may run impromptu discounts, and some may sell it at the same price. If you are lucky, you may come across merchant and bank offers on the minimum cart value. Who knows!

3. Discounts, Coupon codes, Cashback – check the fine print.

Many online shopping stores have specific partnerships with financial institutions during major festive sales. As a result, you may come across significant discounts on debit and credit cars. If that is not the case, flat discounts, season sales, and certain cashback will always be available. Besides, if you have a loaded cart with a scorching figure, consider looking for monthly installment offers. However, make sure you check the T&C before selecting any of these offers.

Buy on the Internet

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• Upfront discounts provided by online stores are relatively preferable.
• If any cashback is available, check the duration that a bank may adhere to before crediting the amount.
• Check if any amount stringed with cashback will be credited to the wallet or your bank account.
• Ensure if you can combine two offers at once, such as cashback with a discount.

4. Cashback, Offers, and Reward Points on Credit/Debit Cards or Wallets

Despite the partnerships between financial institutions and online e-commerce stores, you may come across offers that may be applicable if your cart amount exceeds a specific amount or you shop during a particular time or period. These offers can be in the form of cashback, discounts, movie tickets, and vouchers for shopping. Furthermore, there are new payment and wallet apps that keep sending notifications and emails if you make certain payments through them.

To begin with, you can keep a constant check on these apps and create a filter or label to put a cap on selected emails. In the end, you need to be a lucky shopper to avail such discounts and offers.

5. Set price alerts

Price Alerts

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Most online shopping stores have features to help compare multiple prices and set alerts for products you have added to the cart. Post this; you will be notified if the prices drop. If you shop through the web, consider adding extensions to your Chrome bar and use third-party applications.

6. Free Shipping is a bonus.

While shopping, every cent saved counts. Start by checking the product if it is being shipped without any delivery charges. Most websites offer free delivery after you have reached the cart value or for premium shoppers who have secured the brand’s membership. Your research will allow you to see if the seller displays a lower price and higher delivery cost. This cancels out the cost advantage you were entitled to hold.

7. Check online shopping communities.

Dedicated websites exist on the internet that deal in posting stories, reviews, and upcoming offers. These are referred to as shopping communities where like-minded shoppers reach out and share their experiences and expectations for upcoming sales.

8. Leverage your friend’s circle and social network

Social Media Shopping

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If you’re active on Twitter and Facebook, several Pages and Twitter handles are there that happen to share exciting deals. In addition, if you have already narrowed your product search, requesting an opinion or suggestion among your friends’ circle or on social media can allow you to validate the choice. Sometimes, some blessed soul can suggest better products or share discounted links with lower-priced alternatives.

9. Check product reviews

Since this is pivotal, it can also be subjective. What works for another individual could be a deal-breaker for you. As a shopper, you need to know that full-time writers are hired by e-commerce stores to write flattering product reviews. So, look for genuine comments. And, if you encounter a genuine one, observe if the product has certain disadvantages or defects. Moreover, one can check other websites as well for authentic and unbiased reviews.

10.“There is always a better offer somewhere else.”

Shop Online

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This may be true. As prices keep on fluctuating all the time – the tip being, determine if you want to buy something impulsively or can wait for a few more hours, days, or perhaps weeks. And, once you come across a flattering deal, go, grab it. Most shoppers tend to make this innocent error of buying a random product with a deal offer. Avoid such temptations! Either you can wait for the right time to arrive or can go all-in.

We hope you found all these online shopping tips valuable and helpful. Be responsible and thoughtful while shopping!

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Building Your First Small Business Social Media Strategy

Building Your First Small Business Social Media Strategy

If you’ve recently launched a small business, I already know that you’re a motivated, ambitious, and determined individual who wants to make the most significant impact possible on your industry!

But to be successful in today’s digital business landscape, having a properly planned social media strategy is not only important, but it’s also essential to the success of your small business.

However, the problem is that many aspiring entrepreneurs aren’t quite sure how to properly manage their social media accounts to reach their target audience.

In the following article, we’ll look at the essential components of a practical and effective social media strategy that you and your team can put into place today!

Do Your Research

Whether you’re a new company or an established brand, there’s nothing more important than doing a bit of market research before planning out the rest of your strategy.

Market and audience research helps you understand who your ideal customers are, where they spend their time online, and what type of content you should be posting to engage with them effectively.

There are many online tools and resources you can use to perform your market research.

Learning about your target audience and market ensures that you’ll make better decisions when planning and implementing your overall social media strategy.

Set SMART Goals

SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

Before you do things like create your social media calendar and start writing posts, it’s essential to set a few SMART goals to help provide even more direction to your strategy.

What do you want to achieve? Is it gaining more followers? More likes, comments, and engagement?

Whatever the case, make sure that you set goals that fall into these five categories.

An example of a SMART goal would be to gain 100 new Instagram followers per month for the next six months.

Create Your Accounts

Once you’ve performed your research and have set a few goals, it’s time to start creating your social media accounts.

Keep in mind that you won’t need to create accounts for every social platform out there.

When you do your market research, you’ll want to look into which platforms are most popular for your target audience. And then, get active solely on those platforms, rather than wasting your time and efforts trying to be involved everywhere.

Make sure to include as much business information as possible on your profile, including the name, website, location, and services or products offered by your small business.

Create A Social Media Calendar

Lastly, to finalize your social strategy, you’ll want to create a social media calendar.

Again, when you perform market research, you should look into when and how often your target audience is online and most active. Then, use this information to create your calendar.

Whether you post once a day, three times a day, or once per week, it doesn’t matter.

The critical thing to remember is to be regularly active and to adhere to your calendar at all times.

This helps your audience know when they can expect new content from you, which can help you get more followers and more engagement.

Stay Active And Succeed

Creating a social media strategy might seem complicated at first sight.

However, when you know your target audience, your goals and have a social media calendar to help back it all up, your strategy will pretty much fall right into place!

Just remember that being successful on social media isn’t about directly selling to your audience.

So rather than promoting your products or services directly, you want to do so by creating content and providing value to your audience, which will put you in a better position to make that next sale!

This article was written by Armando Santos

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Small Business Marketing Tips

Small Business Marketing Tips

As a small business owner, the one thing you probably lack is a large marketing budget, which is more than reasonable when considering that there are a hundred different things that require your full attention and resources.

This is why you should do your best to exhaust every other alternative before opting for a mainstream marketing strategy that will continuously take a large part of your earnings for very little in return. What we will be discussing today are some extremely cost-effective alternatives that can hopefully show how to get and then maintain a loyal following without spending thousands of dollars.

Most of these are Small Business Marketing Tips but they will work for all others as well.

Search Engine Optimization

I’m sure you have probably heard about SEO optimization in every other article as well, but there is a good reason for that. Search Engine Optimization, as the name suggests, will make sure that your websites, pages, blogs, and posts are discovered faster in search engines like google and Bing’s search results and hopefully shown at or near the top of the page.

The higher their ranking, the more chances of them being discovered by more and more people and in return, further increasing their own position and page authority. So you can imagine why it is stressed so much by industry specialists. Not to mention it doesn’t have to cost anything and can be done relatively quickly if you don’t mind learning a few new things.

The basis of SEO is pretty simple. The first thing you have to do is make sure your website is using all the necessary tools. If it’s built on something like WordPress or Wix then you have the option to use SEO plugins without any additional cost. These plugins will take care of all the basic stuff like creating sitemaps and optimizing formats and guide you with the rest of the process as much as possible.

Then come all your other social media pages. Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any of the others, SEO can be done in every single one of them.

For Instagram, you can start by using Hashtags. They connect all of your posts together, making it easier to share and be discovered by others even if by accident. Another option is by optimizing the descriptions of images to be as accurate and inclusive as possible of every subject matter. This way the chances of them being discovered through google image search increase by leaps and bounds.

All public Facebook groups, pages, and posts can be shown as a result of Google searches so it’s a good idea to use the same SEO techniques you would for your official website. The content length doesn’t matter as long as it is SEO-friendly.

Use Social Media to its Fullest Extent

If you haven’t done so already, get on every social media platform you can. But before you do so, it’s best if you understand which platform is most likely to have your target audience.

Let’s take Facebook for example. A car mechanic will surely see more visits and clicks on a platform like Facebook where there are people from every walk of life. But doing the same on Instagram or Snapchat won’t net you the same result as the majority of the users are young teens that either just don’t own a car or simply aren’t interested in seeing anything related to your business.

That’s why although it’s a good idea to be present on every platform, focusing the majority of your efforts on one platform that is going to be most beneficial and responsive to your efforts is the better option.

Customer Engagement

For all businesses, whether they are large corporations or up-and-coming businesses, customer engagement is the solution to most of your problems. It’s anywhere from 5 to 20 times more expensive to acquire new clients than it is to keep old ones. That’s why focusing efforts to retain clients by increasing customer engagement through any number of techniques is advised at every stage.

Post interesting content on your social media pages that are connected to your field. If you have the time to spare or the resources to hire someone, start a blog and post regularly. It doesn’t have to be too often at the start and you can go slow, but pick up the pace as you get used to it and set yourself apart from the competition by showcasing your own set of unique skills through different methods.

Talk about topics that interest you or you know about. Give advice or ask for it from the experts and continue developing your brand through it.


Online contests are a great way to boost your following without opting for paid advertisements. You will have to fork out a bit for the final prize but that’s still cheaper than buying clicks and views.

There is no need to use something expensive as the final prize and instead opt for a trendy item or even something you make yourself, i.e., your product or service is a great idea. Going by the previous example of a car mechanic, the final prize can be something along the lines of a full tune-up or service for the winner’s vehicle.

This not only directly promotes your own product/service but also saves you from spending on another item. It’s basically free publicity. If you’re not sure how to get started, RaffleCopter is a great little service that takes care of the entire process and even has the option to share it on all your social media platforms.

Create Partnerships

No one can do everything by themselves. Sooner or later you will need help and teaming up with another business that is in the same field can help create a symbiotic relationship where both parties benefit greatly.

Creating strategic partnerships has many advantages while doesn’t require as much work on your part. Your business is able to receive twice as much notice and partnering with an industry-relevant business will also introduce you to an entirely new audience that is looking for something in your area of specialties.

Continuing from the previous example once again, a car mechanic can partner with a car dealership and have access to an exclusive audience that would usually be out of reach. And you can even go a step further and give discounts or offer special pricing to the customers that are referred to you by the partner.

Referral Programs

Speaking of referral programs, they should not only be limited to your partnerships. Under normal circumstances even if customers like what you have to offer, they still wouldn’t just refer your services without a reason. So why not give them one?

You have a lot of freedom when it comes to designing referral programs but the one thing that should be kept in mind is the reward. It has to be enticing enough for your customers to consider referring new clients but not too enticing that they should start a campaign of their own and refer every random person. What you’re looking for is someone that will stick even after the initial purchase.

And studies have shown that referred customers have much higher brand loyalty from the get-go and larger profit margins without much work from your side. And not only this, but it would also increase the loyalty of your existing customers once they have a more vested interest in your brand.

Plus with the dozens of different software out there that are designed for the sole purpose of setting up and maintaining such referral programs, there really is no reason for you to not at least try it out.

Paid Search Discovery/advertising

After exhausting all other methods you can finally focus on some cost-effective advertising alternatives to the more mainstream strategies. Although they won’t be free, it still shouldn’t break your bank any time soon.

All major platforms offer a few deals for smaller businesses. They give you the option to target a specific demographic and you won’t be charged unless someone clicks on the advertisement. Google and Facebook are way ahead of the competition in this area as they have developed specialized algorithms that use the entirety of their massive databases and search for individuals that are looking for your exact products.

This way you won’t simply get random clicks but only actual leads that have a very high chance of making a purchase will be redirected to your business. It’s one of the best ways to get a good return on investment, other than text-based marketing of course.

SMS Marketing

If you’re like me and knew nothing about text marketing until recently, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. In the last few years, there have been a lot of new and old marketing strategies that have seen a sudden boost in popularity, and SMS marketing is one of the older ones. It has been around for a couple of decades now but only now has it really caught on, especially with the smaller to medium-sized business market for the following few reasons:

The Cheaper Alternative

Unlike what you might think, text-based marketing programs are some of the cheapest alternatives around. They barely cost anything to get started and are perfect for those business owners that want to get their money’s worth without spending thousands of dollars.

The distance between the sender and the receiver doesn’t matter at all. You have the option to send mass text messages to an entire demographic at an extremely affordable rate.

Bigger Reach

Even with today’s technological advancements, there are still a lot of places that either don’t have internet service or it is so bad that barely anyone uses it. Whereas everyone has a cell phone or two in their pockets at all times no matter the social or financial status. From kids as young as ten to retirees, text marketing has the most varied demographic and the widest reach out of all marketing methods.


If you have ever opted for a mainstream marketing strategy then you should know the legal implications that come with it. With binding contracts, you basically have no freedom to speak off and are stuck in a relationship whether you like it or not.

But most SMS marketing methods, especially the ones being offered by industry leaders like Express Text are so versatile in their offerings that you won’t even have to sign anything to get started. The process is extremely simple and easy, which only requires you to choose from one of the provided packages. After that, you can simply enter the names and numbers of your contracts and be on your merry way.


You as the client have complete control with regards to the contents of the text messages. If you want to share links to your social media profiles within the messages then there are tools in place that will not only you to do so, but do it right. They will give detailed data about the people that clicked on the links that can be then used to further refine your marketing efforts.

If you want to share details about one of the other marketing methods you are free to do so. The content of each and every text message can be changed at a moment’s notice, add to it or replace the content entirely and go with something completely different. You have complete freedom.


We can give you as small business marketing tips as you want, but in the end, the only thing that matters is what is best for your business. Do you want to try some free tricks to boost your following or go for a definite win?

With some of the highest ROI’s in the entire marketing industry, SMS marketing is the best option for all new businesses that are still figuring things out for themselves and their respective customers. Its plethora of features eclipses anything that the other marketing can throw out.

More Marketing Ideas

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How to Market Your Website with Twitter

How to Market Your Website with Twitter

About Twitter

Are you a webmaster? If so, your website should generate income for you. Whether you sell a product, a service, or generate income through the use of affiliate links, internet marketing is important to your success. A successful internet marketing campaign will generate website traffic, as well as income, and using a platform such as Twitter will increase your chances of a successful campaign.

In terms of internet marketing, there are many ways to market your website. In fact, you may be overwhelmed with your options. To get started, you may start with the most recommended approaches. These include submitting articles to article directories with bank links attached, purchasing advertisements on popular websites, exchanging banners with other webmasters, and learning search engine optimization. Yes, these steps are important, but there are benefits to thinking outside of the box. When you do, you will find Twitter.

Twitter is a social networking micro-blog. At first glance, Twitter looks like it can be fun, but also distracting. Yes, it can be, but it all depends on how you use the service. If you aren’t already a member, register for a free account. Choose a username, password, and provide your email address. The next step involves developing a list of contacts. These are individuals whose updates and Tweets you will receive and follow. Look for others to do the same for you.

To make contact with other Twitter members, you can search based on an email address, name, and location. If you belong to an online community, ask for Twitter exchanges. This is ideal if members are your targeted market. For example, does your website share work-at-home opportunities? If so, post Twitter link exchanges on work-at-home-related message boards. These individuals will benefit from clicking your links and visiting your website. The more contacts you make on Twitter, the easier it is to market your site.


image credits: Pixabay

How it Works

Once you have developed a following on Twitter, you can start marketing your website. This is also where you can make costly mistakes. Twitter, as previously stated, is a social networking website. For that reason, avoid spammy advertisements. Instead, be clever and social about it. A great introductory post is “Thanks for following me on Twitter. I just finished updating my website, tell me what you think.” First, this offers a personal introduction. Next, it accomplishes the goal of increasing page views.

When you receive followers on Twitter, you are encouraged to return the favor. This is not required, but it can work to your advantage. You will receive Tweets or updates from other members. These updates may include daily updates on activities, but questions are commonly asked. Does someone on your follow list complain about the long drive to work? If you run a work-at-home website, respond with an @reply. Your message could say “Yes, I remember those days. I am glad I now work from home. Did you know that you could too?” and provide a link.

In addition to responding to @replies from those you follow, visit Messages that are public will be displayed. In keeping with working from home, use targeted keywords, such as work from home, employment, and online jobs. Remember, be sure to include a personal message, but always include a link to your website. In addition to just answering a question, become a follower of the other member.

As for why you should cleverly market your website, it has to do with personalization. In the above-mentioned example, you provided a link to your website, but you also provided a personal message. This shows that you are truly reading Tweets and not using Twitter for the sole purpose of advertising. When consumers feel used, they are likely to turn away. If you notice your followers on Twitter decreasing in numbers, it may be because your messages sound like spam.

In short, Twitter has the potential to be an amazing internet marketing tool but use it wisely. Including a quick personal message with @replies and cleverly incorporating your website link into your Tweets is the perfect way to advertise your website, as it is an advertisement in disguise.