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Essential Metrics You Need To Track For Your Mobile Application

Essential Metrics You Need To Track For Your Mobile Application

Launching an application could be exciting and interesting in today’s world anchored to digital media. But the competition out there is substantial. It makes it difficult for one to understand if the app is a success.

Mobile Application

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Analyzing crucial metrics around the app and its user base helps understand its progress. Among the many available metrics, here are four critical aspects to watch out for to track the success of an app.

The Users And Their Usage

The total number of people who download the app directly indicates the interest in the service enabled by the app from the user base. The total download count also influences marketing and technical decisions.

Evaluating the number of app downloads over a period helps understand the best advertising channels. Also, it helps predict the increase in engagement in the future and plan the server’s needs to ensure a smooth experience for users.

A track of the daily and monthly increase in downloads and active users helps highlight the app’s success among users who downloaded. This metric gives an insight into whether the users are increasing, decreasing, or simply stagnant. Understanding the geographic distribution of the user base is yet another crucial metric. It helps identify issues faster and rectify problems to approach a more extensive user base.

The type of device used for downloads is helpful to evaluate the usability of the app and profitability. In many cases, user retention falls low due to low engagement. It could be the lack of a seamless user interface.

App Performance

The performance metrics of the app are essential to determine the ease of interaction of the user. It also influences the costs that could incur to improve the performance.

App crashes are a primary metric to understand the technical capabilities of the app. It is a measure of the average number of crashes per app load. The value could be between 1-2% based on the stage of the app. High app crashes could reduce user retention.

App Load Time or Period refers to the number of transactions on the application over a period. It helps evaluate the app’s performance during a sudden increase in load. Some apps, for example, food delivery apps, might face spikes in load during certain times of the day. But the capabilities of the app need to accommodate the spike without degrading performance.

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Similarly, latency, end-to-end application, and API latency are essential metrics. The round-trip time cannot be higher than 1 second. While users may have the tolerance to latency issues, in the beginning, it could cause them to drop out or abandon the app, says a report.

For example, if the user is working with a shopping app and the response time for the transaction is more than 5 seconds, the user may not prefer to use it again.

User Engagement

User engagement metrics help to understand the user experience with the app. It gives an idea about the changes necessary to gather interest and attention from the user base.

Session length or the total time a user spends in the app indicates their interest in using the app every time they open. Longer the session, the higher the interest in the application. Similarly, the Session interval determines the time between two visits to the app by the user. When the frequency is higher, the app is captivating to its user base.

For example, if the user sessions are longer for a shopping app, they can explore the many offerings or scan thoroughly through exciting products. Similarly, an increase in the frequency of visits indicates interest in research or buying from the collection.

Marketing and Revenue

Marketing metrics help to understand the potency of different channels and how they contribute to the growth of the business. The right strategies in each channel help to captivate the audience. Basic customer acquisition costs include the many media one might choose to advertise the app. Through word of mouth, campaigns, ads on digital platforms, and in-app referrals, it could be through word-of-mouth. Understanding the Cost Per Installation helps segregate the channels that offer the most benefits.

For example, assume the total spending on an advertisement over one month is 100$ for a particular channel. The total number of downloads influenced by the channel over this period is 500. Then the CPI or cost per installation is ((100/500)*100) = 20$. It is a focused metric that helps to understand the effectiveness of each advertising channel to get better value from paid ads.

Advertisement Success Rate

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Transaction revenue is a vital metric that indicates the value of transactions over the medium. While it is relevant to mCommerce apps, other applications can calculate an approximate value.

Lifetime Value is yet another revenue metric that shows the value of monetization possible from a customer for as long as they use the app. It projects the growth and expansion potential of the business.

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10 Best Construction Business Apps

10 Best Construction Business Apps

Want to grow your construction business? There’s an app for that. Thanks to modern technology, it’s possible to update blueprints, create and sign contracts, and care for your construction workers from your smartphone. To help take your company to the next level, check out these top construction apps.  ‍

Whether you’re building your business from the ground up or fine-tuning your workflow, one thing’s for sure: You’re just a few taps and swipes away from making your mark in the construction industry.

SmartBid Construction Bidding Software

Ready to build your company’s portfolio and work on some impressive projects? Well, a lot needs to happen before your team steps foot on a construction site. As one of the top bidding apps for general contractors, SmartBid helps streamline the entire preconstruction process. This app offers a secure platform to track your bid status with subcontractors and other companies. Not only does SmartBid help you get the job, but it also keeps your project organized from the very start.

COnstruction Business Software

Download SmartBid on the App Store and Google Play.


As the old adage goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day—and neither was your latest construction project. PlanGrid uses Autodesk BIM (or building information modeling) to monitor your project as it changes. From punch lists, to blueprints, to progress photos,  this app is designed to keep your team in sync throughout the entire construction process.

Plangrid Construction Project

Download PlanGrid on the App Store and Google Play.


There’s more to running a successful construction company than updating floor plans and calculating roof pitches; it’s important to track and compensate your employees for the time they spend working. Fortunately, Hourly is here to help make time tracking and administering payroll easy. The app uses GPS and geofencing to ensure your employees are at the correct construction site—and only lets them clock in once they’ve arrived. Keep your contractors on schedule by creating custom rules such as enforcing an eight-hour workday, granting a 30-minute lunch break, and setting a mandatory start time. Have a few team members who are burning the midnight oil? Hourly will automatically calculate overtime pay based on your company’s local labor laws, and add it to your employees’ timesheets.

Construction Time Tracking

Download Hourly on the App Store and Google Play.


From driving to the job site each day to schlepping around construction materials, general contractors are always on the go. Since they’re often on the road, construction businesses wind up spending a lot of money on gas. That’s exactly why every contracting company should download GasBuddy. This platform uses a smartphone’s location services to find the closest and most affordable gas station. According to the app, GasBuddy can help you save up to 25 cents per gallon.

Gas Tracking App

Download GasBuddy on the App Store and Google Play.

DEWALT Mobile Pro 

How many slate shingles do you need to build a gable and valley roof? Or how many studs for a 3,200 square-foot home? That’s where DEWALT Mobile Pro comes in. The tool company has created a construction calculator to determine the materials your general contractors will need for their next project. Simply enter your dimensions and DEWALT Mobile Pro will do the math for you.

DeWalt Construction Calculator

Download DEWALT Mobile Pro on the App Store and Google Play.


With so little time and so many construction projects, the very last thing you need to do is to spend a superfluous amount of time sifting through old paperwork. If you want to be as efficient as possible, download GoCanvas. Instead of turning your filing cabinet upside down, GoCanvas will let you store, organize, and share important data and documents from its mobile app.


Download GoCanvas on the App Store and Google Play.


Consider Procore your one-stop construction management app. From sharing accurate BIM data with your team, to receiving real-time productivity updates, to staying in the loop about potential safety hazards, Procore empowers project managers to stay connected with their mobile devices. You can also use this app to keep tabs on RFIs, inspections, daily reports, and more. Unlike many construction apps, which require an Internet connection, Procore lets construction managers access and save their work in offline mode. In other words, this app is a great match for managers who either travel often or work on a job site with a poor signal.


Download Procore on the App Store and Google Play. 


Red Cross First Aid

Accidents are bound to happen, regardless of your construction team’s skillset. Unfortunately, falls and fatalities are more common in smaller businesses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly half of the deaths that occur on construction sites are from companies with ten or fewer employees. While downloading Red Cross’ First Aid app won’t guarantee your project will be accident-proof, it will help construction professionals know what to do if an emergency strikes.

Red Cross First Aid

Download Red Cross First Aid on the App Store and Google Play. 


Thanks to DroneDeploy, your project team can get a lay of the land before arriving at the construction site. Compatible with both iPhones and Androids, this app uses drones to survey a job site on your behalf. Once the drone collects and interprets the data, the app sends over real-time drone maps and 3D models. Since launching in 2013, DroneDeploy has served 5,000 companies nationwide and surveyed 100 million acres of land. Not only can DroneDeploy save time and money, but it can also help you streamline your construction project.


Download DroneDeploy on the App Store and Google Play.

Forms by LegalShield 

Want to add a new client to your growing roster? It’s important to agree on all the fine print before you step foot on the job site. That’s where Forms by LegalShield—formerly Shake—comes in. Once you and your client have set the terms for the project, simply enter a few basic facts into one of the app’s legal templates. From there, Forms by LegalShield will whip up a contract (complete with legal jargon, of course) for both parties to sign. While the app does offer legal counsel for an additional fee, you can skip the trip to a fancy law office and make a deal from your iPad.

Forms by LegalShield

Download Forms by LegalShield on the App Store and Google Play. 

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