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Time Tracking—Best Practices and Mistakes to Avoid
At first, glance, tracking employee time seems pretty straightforward. Your employees simply denote the hours they were at work on a timesheet, or punch a time clock and turn their time cards in at the end of the week or month. What could go wrong? ‍ As it turns out,...
Easy Branding Ideas for Your Small Business
Perhaps you have your small business logo, your Instagram account up and slowly growing, and a website that shows your portfolio—but the inquiries aren’t pouring in like you thought they’d be. Or maybe you started your business three years ago and you put together a...
5 Ultimate SEO Tips to Maximize Your Startup’s Visibility
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) With over 100 million startups opening each year, it is becoming critical for new businesses to improve their online visibility and stand out among their competitors. In the digital era, the basic rule for business success is to...


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