What’s My Parenting Style? Know The Types!

In the modern age, parenting has become one of the integral backgrounds of a child. It does not end here. Since there are different types of and forms of parenting, once emphasize more. On the other hand, there are several commonalities that depend on a parent as well. Besides, when it comes to parenting a child, it is essential to know different parenting styles and what they refer to. Speaking of which, some strategy combinations that we utilize to raise our kids can vary. To understand that, let’s forest understand the four primary Baumrind parenting styles and their distinct characteristics and names:

  • Authoritarian or Disciplinarian
  • Uninvolved
  • Permissive or Indulgent
  • Authoritative

Good Parenting

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All these Baumrind parenting techniques are US-centric. So, some of the readers might now be able to refer to them cross-culturally. Every parenting technique varies in a minimum of four areas: communication, discipline style, expectations, and nurturance. Keep reading to know more.

1. Authoritarian Parenting

These types of parents are often reckoned as disciplinarians. Some of the pointers are mentioned below:

  • They utilize a stringent discipline style with meager negotiation possible. In such a parenting style, punishment can be common.
  • Yet another pointer is the importance of communication, which is only one way, be it, parent, from child or child from a parent. Here, they have not explained the rules.
  • Parents do not have a nurturing style.
  • The authoritarian style comprises high expectations with fixed or limited flexibility.

2. Permissive Parenting

Indulgent or permissive parents let their kids do whatever they want. Moreover, they also offer direction and guidance. Parents with a friendly nature are often known as permissive parents. Refer to the pointers below to learn them closely.

  • Parents with permissive nature are the exact opposite of authoritarians. Such parents do not levy rules and regulations on their children. Instead, they want their kids to figure out their challenges.
  • When it comes to communication, it is very much open, and parents let their kids decide instead of providing them with various directions and suggestions.
  • Parents are warm and nurturing.
  • Moreover, expectations are not set by parents or are typically minimal.

Parents with Kids

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3. Uninvolved Parenting

You might have heard about parents who do not intervene or hinder their child’s development plans. Moreover, they also tend to give a lot of freedom to their children. However, uninvolved parenting is either a conscious decision or being less interested in their kid’s life. They can also be unsure about what to do next. Check the pointers to know more.

  • Parents do not have a specific discipline style. Uninvolved parents let their kids do what they want, probably out of a lack of caring and lack of information.
  • Communication is relatively limited in uninvolved parenting.
  • Such parents don’t offer a lot. Instead, they provide little nurturing.
  • In such a case, there are no expectations of kids.

4. Authoritative Parenting

Don’t confuse yourself with authoritarian parenting. Here, parents are nurturing and reasonable and set clear and high expectations. Kids with parents who showcase such a style happen to be self-disciplined. And, experts think that this style is quite beneficial.

  • Disciplinary regulations are simple and clear.
  • Communication is appropriate and frequent to the kid’s understanding level.
  • Authoritative parents are relatively more nurturing.
  • Goals and expectations are high and clear.

What Is My Parenting Style?

Family and Parenting

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If you can’t stop thinking more, you may be lost. Well, do not overemphasize. We live in a society where we tend to incorporate a blend of multiple parenting styles. We become authoritative wherever necessary and uninvolved when a child needs their privacy. Ideally, we think about our kids and understand what they require from us. For instance, while parents may not adopt an authoritarian side, there might be moments when you might need such a combination. So, this is how it usually goes.

Factors In How Kids Turn Out

While it is simple for the entire family when parents practice similar styles, some research has shown that if a minimum of one parent is authoritative, it is ideal and relatively better for the child. Moreover, there is more than a single influence on a child when it comes to parenting styles. Some of the leading factors can be seen in the rundown below.

  • The kid’s temperament and how it tends to “fit” with parents.
  • It largely depends on the teachers’ style of working.
  • Your kid’s peer group can influence your kid’s behavior.

Get To Know Your Parenting Style

It is essential to reflect on which style is preferred by you. How do you determine such a move? Well, figure out the style you have incorporated throughout the day and self-reflect. You can even talk to other parents or a facilitator for reassurance and help. And, now, when it comes to different parent styles, we all know a single size does not fit everyone. To conclude, never put so much pressure on yourself.

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