Weird Team Sports You Need To Try Once

Sports have always been at the top of everyone’s list. Even if you want to stay fit yet have fun and add sparkle to the fitness regime, this article is ideal for your interests. Remember, leading a good and healthy life comprises nutritional food, exercise, leisure, and so many more vital things. And, when it concerns all these, you need to be practicing at the right place and place with good people around.

This is exactly when you need a team to play with. Speaking of which, playing as a part of the team can provide you with numerous benefits, both socially and physically. So, keep reading to know more about what’s there to learn and earn.

Ultimate Frisbee

This has to be one of the weird-most games you might want to be a part of. Forget about leisurely spinning the docs in the direction of your dog or friend in the park. This is an established sport in today’s date where two teams of seven players try to get hold of the flying disc into the endzones of a football-sized pitch. Here, there is no referee. It is an essential part of the game’s spirit, which focuses on fair play and sportsmanship.

Team Sports

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Health benefits

When it comes to competitions, you can acquire agility, speed, and endurance.

Water Polo

Again, water polo requires a couple of teams with seven players against each other. The only difference is that it is played in a swimming pool. Back in 1877, when the game was codified, it gained significant popularity, becoming a physical and fast-paced game. Water polo is one of the high-contact sports, a lot similar to football. Remember, players can swim up to around three miles in the run and burn roughly 500 calories.

Health benefits

Players may benefit from enhanced cardiovascular stamina, strength, and core strength. One of the significant benefits of participating in this team sport is to cushion your muscles and joints.


This might have a low profile in the United Kingdom, but it gained a massive boost in the London 2012 Olympics. Did you know that players who run in this team game demand a good figure salary?

Health benefits

Popular Team Sports

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Remember, this fast-paced game requires stamina and speed, leading to strength workouts and effective aerobic exercises. Players part of this game can burn around 600 calories every hour and cover numerous miles.


Guess what? Lacrosse has its roots in the indigenous Canadian culture. However, back then, some games could only last around three days and comprised more than 1000 players dunking over the field between 500 and three thousand long. This is a modern game that originated in 1867 in the United Kingdom.

Moreover, players in the game tend to carry a long stick equipped with mesh nets designed to hold, catch, and throw the ball. This is one of the women’s games that do not promote contact, while the men defend their sides through body contact, stick checking, and position.

Health benefits

It is essential to know that handball is one of the fast-paced games that requires stamina and speed. Through this game, you can gain teamwork skills and work on social events off the field.


Korfball is a mixed-gender and indoor ball game that is a combination of netball and basketball. Moreover, this game is quite popular in Belgium, Netherlands, and Taiwan. The United Kingdom is one such nation that is yet to embrace the game. However, it comprises four women and men who walk and run with the ball for the players.

Health benefits

Play Sports

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Even though the game is non-contact, it’s a fast-paced and highly active game, offering an ideal cardiovascular workout.


The game first originated in Ireland around three thousand years ago. In addition, such a sport is reckoned as hurling when performed by men and called camogie when performed or played by men. It is one of the field sports played with the hurley, a wooden stick, and a hard, small ball. Remember, the ball can be hit in the air or on the ground, and one player can only run with the hardball called the sliotar.

Health benefits

Did you know that this is the fastest game played on grass, offering a considerable amount of aerobic benefits?

Final Words

Games are some of the best things you can do to improve your skills and body. When you play them, you tend to learn a lot about what you can do and what’s there to learn. Besides, these were some team games you need to know or play once in your life. So, what are you waiting for? Learn about these games and make the most of them while you still can. In the end, it is all about making the much-needed move.

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