The 5 Best Hair Trimmers For Men

The modern age calls for modern solutions. And, when it is all about the persona you want to carry, the A-game is the only option. So, if you are looking to give yourself a touch-up or a proper buzz cut, you might probably require one of the best hair trimmers available on the market. Even though you are an every-week veteran or a DIY newbie who has just started with hair clippers, there are various options to choose from.

Once you are equipped with the best rechargeable beard trimmer for men, we suggest browsing through some celebrity buzz cuts to gather a significant amount of inspiration and then adhere to the basic beard-to-ratio rules. Post that, check out this guide for a quick rundown of five of the best hair trimmers for men to avoid any DIY fiascos. Not only will it provide ample time to clean yourself up before a big Zoom session, but it can also allow you to choose from the best.


For many users, a boat curtain raiser is the new range of audio wear. However, this time around, the game has changed. It is Misfit by boAt – a hair trimmer for men. Talk about protean equipment with the utmost flexibility, and there you have it. These type of hair trimmers comprises a titanium blade that is smooth on the skin and hard on the hair, making styling convenient yet effective. It ranges from 0.5 to 12mm, allowing you to sway the machine to administer every flair, from an excellent long beard to minute details.

A 2-hour power time with an hour of charging speaks volumes, isn’t it? So, the next time male enthusiasts want to hone a specific style, a Misfit by boAt is the name to arrive at a peaceful shore.

Best Hair Trimmers

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2.Philips QP2525

A men’s grooming kit is equivalent to Philips. They have become a household name for grooming products, and that is not it. Every year, Philips releases a handful of hair clippers and shaving kits to allure those beard enthusiasts. Meanwhile, Philips QP2525 is one of the best machines following innovative OneBlade technology, offering twin heads on one blade. With precise edges and a dual protection system, it is safe for dry and wet use.

Aren’t you looking for a Tony Stark finish? This kit also comes with three different combs, a replacement blade, an AC adaptor, and the most pivotal element of it all – a warranty card. The only drawback? The replacement blades can consume a lot of money – a cost for being the best trimmer.

3.Syska HT300

Talk about budget-friendly yet special electronic equipment, and you will surely notice Syska. So, if you face money constraints and still want to reach the office with sharp stubble, this Syska HT300 can be your beard’s best pal. The HT300 model is built with the dura power technology, allowing it to last up to 4-5 times longer than any other trimmer available. Gone are the days when you had to oil or lubricate it. Well, this time around, you can sharply trim your beard for 35 minutes nonstop. Yes, you read it right!

Trimming Hair

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With ten cutting lengths of 0.5mm and 10mm, the trimmer can work for 8 hours and has its blades made of stainless steel.

4.Wahl 08841-724 Beret

Wahl is one of the known international brands, dealing in nearly every beauty and skincare device. So, it would be a shame if we did not list the Wahl 08841-724 Beret. This hair clipper comes with a couple of comb attachments of 10mm and 13mm. However, if you have a short beard pogonophile, use the 6mm and 3mm attachments. Meanwhile, its motto ‘less is more’ keeps providing you with ideal results with little to no complications.

Speaking of which, one of the best hair trimmers for men can be used around 75 minutes after an hour of charging and offers cordless and corded trimming.

Looking for a con here? It is not waterproof and is a bit heavy.

5.Havells BT6153C

Known as one of the most sought-after and premium brands out there, this BT6153C is no exception. The wonder shaving kit for men is equipped with a length setting of 10mm and comes with an ergonomic design, detachable head, and an LED charge indicator.

Hair Trimmers for Men

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Besides, for those who want to add this to their grooming artillery, this is the best trimmer for men’s price and is equipped with U-shaped stainless steel blades, a Li-ion battery, and yes – a 2-year warranty.

Only Look For The Best

Investing in the best yet professional men’s hair clippers can be as draining as explaining to a hair specialist to follow a specific style. That is why it is pivotal to own stylish, efficient, cost-friendly, and loaded hair clippers. So, if you want to up your beard game and work on its finesse and strength, these five can undoubtedly show you the way to becoming the next Abe Lincoln or Mr. Stark.

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