Tech Is Keeping People Safe During Covid Pandemic

It’s difficult to imagine how the pandemic would have played out without technology to make remote work possible and keep people in contact with their friends and family. Thankfully, technology has kept us entertained, at work, and in school through web conferencing software. Even nine months into the pandemic, tech companies continue to help users stay safe during these unprecedented times.

Tech reduces human contact and makes it possible to see the doctor, get medicine, or hang out with friends without being in the same physical location. Even non-tech companies are utilizing technology to improve their products and get them to more people. These changes, mostly brought on due to Covid regulations, aren’t temporary fixes to health problems but long-lasting changes that will prevent the spread of germs and improve people’s mental and physical health across the world.

You Can Handle Most Medical Situations Without Leaving the House

Most times, when people are sick, they have a general sense of what their doctor will prescribe them to help them heal. People with rashes, allergies, or other easily treatable illnesses can quickly get the treatment they need without trekking to the doctor’s office. Most symptoms of common ailments don’t need a doctor to physically examine them to determine their cause or course of treatment. Teladoc companies make it easier for patients to get the help they need without risking getting sick from other patients.

Besides keeping people socially distanced, these apps reduce the time you need to wait or sit idly when visiting the doctor. A typical doctor’s visit includes commuting, waiting in the waiting room, getting checked by the nurse, waiting for the doctor, traveling to the pharmacy, waiting for medications to be ready, and finally traveling back home. While there still is some waiting during teladoc appointments, a majority of that time can be used productively since patients are in their homes instead of a waiting room with outdated magazines.

Doctors send prescriptions directly to the pharmacy eliminating multiple steps on the road to recovery. Pharmacies are jumping on the tech bandwagon as well and finding ways to get medication delivered directly to clients. Amazon, which continues to disrupt all industries, is beginning to offer prescription services for members with recurring medications, demonstrating yet another way people can get medical help without leaving the house.

Contactless Payment Is Limiting the Spread Of Germs

One way to keep people from seeing doctors is by preventing them from getting sick in the first place. High contact surfaces like doors and point-of-sale hardware are touched frequently but seldomly cleaned. Reducing the amount of contact between shared surfaces keeps people out of doctor’s offices because they aren’t touching the same surfaces every other person touches.

The rise of contactless payments during the Covid pandemic increases the need for software engineers and IT personnel to work for financial tech companies, restaurants, and any place of business. Contactless payments are in favor during Covid because of their health benefits, but people will only continue to use them if they trust cybersecurity professionals to keep their data safe

Covid Pandemic

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Mental Health Treatment Is Available 24/7

Covid is also negatively affecting people’s mental health. The pandemic has turned even the most routine outings into stressful ventures due to the changing regulations, social stigmas, and fear of contracting Covid. These anxieties are amplified for people who lost their jobs or have pre-existing conditions or elderly parents to worry about. Luckily, mental health is becoming more accessible through the Internet.

Like teladoc companies, new apps offer therapy and other mental health services to people who need them around the clock. This additional support is also gaining popularity as more employers offer mental health services through their benefits programs. Keeping people in a good state of mind is a great way to keep their immune systems strong enough to fight off diseases.

Are Software Engineers the Key to Changing the Healthcare Industry?

None of the technology that is keeping us safe during Covid would be possible without tech companies and their dedicated employees. While software engineers aren’t on the frontlines helping save lives like doctors and nurses, they are helping keep people out of the hospital. You can learn the skills you need to become a software engineer or other tech employee by learning to code. To do this, you can attend a coding Bootcamp. If this is something you are considering, Computer Science Hero is a great resource to start down the path to keeping the world safe.

This article was written by Shaun Borland.

About the Author:

Shaun Borland is a writer with expertise in education, technology, and their points of intersection. Shaun earned a master’s degree in Special Education from Dominican University and a bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security and Forensic Psychology from Tiffin University.

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