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Some Of The Exotic Pet Birds You Should Learn

Some Of The Exotic Pet Birds You Should Learn

The world has become a platform for pets. Not only are people trading different forms and types of pets, but they are also breeding them for a better tomorrow. Well, we are talking about pets people can buy. Moreover, several users are familiar with the most popular and common types of birds, like finches, budgies, and cockatiels. However, naming some exotic and uncommon pet species can be pretty challenging. Guess what, whether you’re searching for such rare species or if you’re merely curious, you will find some birds to be quite unusual. Here are some of the most exotic birds you can buy as pets in the world.

To begin with, you need to know several things before employing yourself in such a position. Some of the pet birds require special care where you might need extensive grounds or high flight enclosures that can make them less than perfect prospects.

Exotic Birds

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Black Palm Cockatoo

Have you ever heard about the Black Palm Cockatoo? This equally impressive bird is one of the eye-catching species originating from Australia, such as cockatoos, Australia. Such birds are enormous and intelligent and are known for being primarily affectionate. Moreover, it is essential to know that they receive adequate training to make suitable pets. In addition, the black palm cockatoos are for highly experienced owners. Plus, these bold but beautiful birds require valiant owners.

Tambako the Jaguar

Unusual and beautiful, the Victorian crowned pigeons are enormous yet easy and gentle to tame. These birds also need a lot of space to thrive and reside. However, that can be challenging in the first place. Another notable fact is that these birds tend to dance, which is an intriguing experience. Besides, they spend most of their time running on the ground. As a result, you cannot keep them caged like other pet birds. Having said that, keepers of such birds must offer them an enclosed yet expansive yard for them to exercise and thrive.

Australian King Parrot

Coming straight from Down Under, an uncommon and beautiful bird is one of the brightly feathered Australian King Parrot. They are not just a parrot species with a big red-head but highly intelligent. Moreover, these birds come from close bonds with their keepers or owners and seem more resistant to affection than their counterparts. For a heads up, these birds are ideal candidates for keepers with plenty of keeping and working experience with hard-beaked hookbills.

Archangel Pigeon

Exotic Pigeon

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Have you heard of pigeon birds like the Kings, Archangels, Tumblers, Fantails, and Homers? If you have, you already know how smart, gentle, and beautiful birds they are. Furthermore, they have been selectively tamed and bred. And, while they cannot survive by themselves in the wild, they tend to thrive as pets. Isn’t that something you were hoping to learn or hear? This splendid Archangel is one of the birds considered under the color variety. Speaking of which, the shimmering pigeon has an established history, which takes us back to the 13th century.

Green Aracari

If you have heard of the green Aracari, you must know that it is one of the meager members of the entire toucan family. And, when it comes to the toucan keepers, know how challenging these exotic birds are to keep. Moreover, many more hazards are included with such birds. However, to start with, with a need for recurring ripe supply and fresh fruit, the green Aracari are relatively more expensive to feed. Furthermore, this bird’s fruit is flung, making walls near aracari washed more often.

American Crow

Ravens and crows come from the family of Corvidae. And, they are highly intelligent, shiny, blackbirds of worldwide folklore and literature. But, these corvids are illegal and protected to own an exotic bird pet in the US and several other countries. The wildlife authorities, for that matter, are very much aware that if they get the allowance to be their pets, the nest robbers could sell wild populations or baby birds worldwide.


Barn Owl

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Well, well, well! This is one of the most uncommon bird pets in the world. While they are commonly depicted as loyal contenders in movies, books, they are not suited or born to be captivated. All owls are lone hunters, antisocial that do not have a good history of bonding with people. Plus, they bite too.

However, the essential factor is their distinctive dietary needs. To stay healthy and of course, such raptors should be fed entire rodents daily; attempting to change or supplement their diet would eventually fail. Having said that, they are coupled with illegality, and one needs to have special permits in entire North America, which makes it uncommon as bird pets worldwide. So, if you are thinking of petting this bird in your expansive yard, consult an expert.

Featured Image Credits: Pixabay