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Top 7 Money-Making Applications – Add Them To Your Downloads

Top 7 Money-Making Applications – Add Them To Your Downloads

Have you been thinking about making side cash and do not know where to begin? Well, you are on the right platform. Apps that can make simple and quick dollars are too good to be taken for granted. While such applications won’t allow you to make a handful of cash, they can earn you a respectable amount of pocket money or pay for some bills. From advertising applications to research and sharing economy apps, consider downloading one of these on your tablet or smartphone. And, if you have some downtime, you can quickly engage with them and earn few dollars for yourself.

However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind while downloading research market moneymaking applications. Some websites may be potential scams, asking for a few dollars for registrations. Moreover, apps that notify you about exaggerated earning figures should be ignored and kept aside. While some are click baits, others may lure you into something you weren’t planning to do in the first place. Here are helpful apps to make easy money.

Money Making Applications

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1.Money App

This app, available for Android and iOS, is one of the market research applications that can earn you specific rewards for completing pieces of assignments or tasks like offering opinions, checking store displays, playing games, testing services, mystery shopping, and participating in some free trials. All you need to do is start completing particular tasks and accumulate rewards, which you can utilize in redeeming money into your PayPal account. The seamlessness of this application is that you will be getting paid within 2-3 days of redeeming awards and rewards. You won’t get an application like the Money App that offers quick and regular cash.


Yet another research-based application on our list is iPoll that enables you to take market surveys, complete missions around retail, and jot or write down diaries. Once you get registered on the application, you’re asked some basic information like your consumer habits and preferences. This is done to determine whether you’re fit for missions. Besides, you also get notified about new missions available based on your location and preferences. And, guess what? Most of the time, the app’s surveys are straightforward to begin and complete. Moreover, they are not exceedingly long.


Foap is one of the money-making apps available on Android and iOS that allows amateur and professional photographers to make additional money by selling photos. And know that the application is quite genuine. Typically, this is a crowdsourcing platform for advertising agencies and brands to purchase and find images. You only have to register your account and upload HQ photos with precise tagging, and after that, the images will be rated by registered communities. Remember, the higher the rating, the more visible it will be to the community.

4.Fluid Market

Fluid Market

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We know, not every individual has a car, and for most of us, our cars sit idle parked at one location. However, the good news is that this sharing economy application allows you to rent out your box truck, cargo van, car, pickup truck, and SUV on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. According to their website, you can make more than $20,000 per year. Furthermore, one can also rent their tools and equipment like saws, drills, hedge trimmers, and items of some other category.


It is essential to know that as soon as a user signs up for Swagbucks, they can get a $10 sign-up bonus out of thin air. This boilerplate market research application enables you to receive points by shopping online, undertaking surveys, or playing games. These are some things you can do while standing in the queue or commuting in a subway. Even watching videos will earn you points.


Did you know this app paid users to their lock screen? Once you install the application on your smartphone, you may encounter advertisers or news on the lock screen. Swipe up for numerous ads, swipe left to learn more, or swipe right to go back to the home screen. Moreover, the good news is that a user can earn passive income irrespective of whether you engage with advertisements. Just think about the figure of how many times you have to unlock the smartphone.


Bookscouter Application

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Do you know an effective way to get rid of books? Well, Bookscouter is one of the apps that can allow you to sell books at a reasonable price. Once you have downloaded the application, it is pretty easy to register. First, begin by scanning book barcodes and observing an aggregation of buyback costs from various book buyers. And, guess what, the shipping is free. Furthermore, this serves as one of the best scouting apps to sell your old and new books with no effort involved.

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