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Stress-Relieving Presents That Will Put Anyone At Ease

Stress-Relieving Presents That Will Put Anyone At Ease

Stress was a less-recognized pandemic before the actual pandemic, and this virus has only heightened our stress level to the utmost heights. Accepting the uncertainty of the world is our best bet to leading a serene life. After all, whether we want to admit it, we have never, nor will we ever have, control over anything in life except control over how one reacts to things.

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes we need something to remind us to ease our shoulders, take a deep breath, and pause for a moment. Since vacations, spa days, and dinner reservations with friends are off-limits because of the pandemic, consider giving yourself or someone you love some other alternative stress-relieving gifts that will put even the chronic worriers at ease.


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1. Diffuser

Scents are potent in helping to put us at ease, uplift our mood, and bring us back to the present moment. What makes diffusers better than candles is that they are far safer and better to look at. So the next time you want to set a stress-free atmosphere in your house, consider investing in a diffuser with a scent that you love.

2. Headspace membership

To tackle your inner demons and take a break from the constant negative thoughts plaguing you, the headspace app is worth the investment. This app teaches users how to meditate so they can find peace amid the chaos. What’s remarkable about the app is that it breaks down meditation into doable steps without making it feel like a complicated practice. This is one app that you don’t have to feel guilty about becoming addicted to.

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3. Journal

For a more traditional approach to sorting out the negative thoughts, try a paper journal. Many creatives use journals to write random thoughts, sort through their insecurities, and write their dreams. But you don’t need to be an artist to find a good use for a paper journal. Writing your fears, insecurities, and worries is a way of acknowledging what’s troubling you. Once you do, you may find it easier to perceive the sweet things in your life.

4. Coloring book

Stay-at-home parents have a set of significant stressors in their life, but this select group of adults is in on a secret most adults aren’t aware of. With parents being at home around kids, many have to spend some time per week, if not per day, coloring, together with their kids. If they’re truly present, they realize how relaxing it is to color with no particular goal. Coloring is such a simple act, but it can help quiet the mind and provide a respite from life’s challenges.

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5. CBD bath bomb

Bath bombs are a gift from the bath gods. It’s hard to say no to these colorful balls, which burst into the water and make the bathing experience even more relaxing. Now you can infuse the bath bomb with CBD, and you have one incredible stress-relieving tool. CBD is a cannabinoid derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant species, but unlike marijuana, CBD does not have intoxicating psychoactive effects, so there’s no risk of getting high. Instead, bath bombers worldwide can enjoy this CBD experience and see their anxiety and stress symptoms significantly decrease.

6. Weighted blanket

There’s nothing new about getting cozy under a blanket, but the weighted blanket takes this experience to another level. The heaviness of these blankets helps in easing tension from tense muscles. With a weighted blanket, you remind your body to relax and let go of the chronic stress caused by anxious thoughts.

Weighted Blanket

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7. Cashmere pajama set

Pajamas in themselves can set the mood for a cozy night in but with cashmere pajamas, you’re taking your nightly ritual to the next level. Cashmere on your skin feels like you are bathing in milk, soaking expensive body lotion for the rest of the night.

8. Puppy play

For the ultimate stress-relieving gift, consider gifting yourself or someone you love a one-day pass to play with puppies. This is a tricky gift as finding puppies in your community that you can play with for a while may be challenging, but you must take the opportunity if it comes up. What’s sweeter and more distracting than playing with a pack of puppies? There’s no rule for species. If cats are your thing, and you happen to find a litter of kittens somewhere, it’s the universe telling you to lie down and let these innocent creatures take your mind off whatever is troubling you.

There you have it, a list of the best stress-relieving gifts that can bring joy into your life. And, most importantly, these are some of the gifts that remind you to slow down and appreciate the present, even if it’s not where you’d like to be.

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