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Things To Consider While Dating: Growing In A Relationship

Things To Consider While Dating: Growing In A Relationship

A relationship is more meaningful when you grow into it. Speed dating and modern relationships are not what traditional people look for. Since there is more to integrating emotions, people tend to become emotional. Have you ever observed a couple slaying their personalities onto each other? Well, that can be debatable. However, you need to ensure your relationship does not come under the knife. Remember, it is a fragile thread that induces love, trust, emotions, and dependency. You can’t make specific decisions as they can hurt the other half of you.

Speaking of dependency, when you enter an open relationship where decisions do not matter, other factors come into play. You’re no longer a single bachelor who only wants to earn money and party hard at the end of the day. There is more to life. And, now you’re sharing your days with someone. Living life with stringent rules and regulations does not allow flexibility and longevity. You have to know how to modify and use rules based on your beliefs and what works for you.

Below are some vital pointers you need to understand and incorporate to grow into a wise and better partner.

1. Invest in yourself

Know that confidence is key in every general sense. This is because it attracts love into your life and enables you to give it back to you. The more you begin to understand yourself and invest in your true self, the more confident you are at the end of the day. It encourages you not to settle for anything less than you deserve.

2. Always play yourself

When you invest in your true identity, you do not have to transform into something you’re not for another human being. This is reckoned as toxicity. Be yourself, and your partner will appreciate it. Nobody wants to date someone who doesn’t represent their true identity.

3. Stay present


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To keep the dating future and sanity intact, consider living in the present. Remind yourself that actual emotions and feelings take time to develop. When you’re early into a relationship, this is your time to get to know each other.

4. Trust your instincts

In a relationship, you have to be instinctive. Living a life full of surprises, there are two sides to the coin. You need to understand what’s better and what’s not. Don’t impose lessons on yourself that do not need reckoning. Trust your gut and intuition.

5. Open your mind

Don’t date outside of your comfort zones, and be quick to judge another individual. There is no wrong place to find your Mr. Right. And, more importantly, there is no wrong timing.

6. Be open for business.

You need to understand, from having the approachable demeanor and attitude to dressing for dating success, you need to allow yourself to go for a ‘yes’ to the potential of finding love in life. So, be physically and emotionally prepared to give and take applications anywhere, anytime.

7. Leave your house

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Did you know, no one funds love or a true partner by staying isolated or cooped in their apartments, eating Chinese takeout daily, or reading magazines. Get out in the world and connect with the world around you. Watch and give in what you receive. You might be surprised by the opportunities you find.

8. Spend time in your treehouse

Whether you have been out for long, drained and tired, it is time for you to reflect and recharge your emotional sense. Well, every relationship is different from one another. And, if you’re dating too, your partner needs the same. Honor each other’s individuality by yourself some me-time.

9. Take the high road

Remember, dating provides you with many choices and options where we usually take the low or high road. For instance, what happens with you if your male counterpart breaks your heart? Do you feel depressed or take revenge? In such situations, take the high road. Take pride in the person you are and never go low, as it can transform your personality eventually.

10. Grow from your experiences

Know that every dating adventure has something or the other to learn from. So, do not hinder yourself from growing. Experiences are always important to gain exposure and the much-needed energy and time.

11. Wear color

Believe in love

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Men are more attracted to color and appearance. If you’re not into jewels, that is fine. Some skin tones don’t go well with jewels. So, make the eyes pop and send a message that you’re confident and fun. Set an example of who you are through confidence.

12. Believe in love

In the end, whether you’re an optimist or otherwise, always believe in love. Love can help you grow and give you hope in the worst phase. These are some things you can’t miss out on. So, be confident about loving and being loved. This is what you need to be.

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