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Some Of The Best Digital Music Apps For Android and iOS

Some Of The Best Digital Music Apps For Android and iOS

Back in the days when people used to listen to their favorite artists on the radio. After they got famous, people started buying records of their beloved artists. But, in the modern era, a lot has changed in the music industry as well. These days, there are endless music platforms and digital music applications where all forms and types of artists release their EPs or albums. Moreover, we are now living in the golden era of music streaming. Using your smartphone, you can stream any music track from the bestselling artist to tracks produced in the garage or on an old keyboard.

The entire industry has changed. Besides, several other factors have played a significant role in such an ongoing change. The pandemic is one. While the pandemic halted everything that came it’s way, music found new ways to reach people. In this post, we will talk about some of the digital music applications that can be installed on both major platforms.

Digital Music Apps

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This has to be the best-known music streaming application. Spotify has become a massive force in the streaming industry. Besides, it tends to boast more than 124 million users and subscribers, offering access to more than 50 million tracks from every artist you can lay your eyes on. With Spotify, you can create your playlist. But, this does not end here. The software observes your listening taste and tends to produce a Discover Weekly playlist just for you.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a premium account with no ads on Spotify, there are several plans through which you can choose a suitable one for yourself.

Apple Music

Did you know Apple Music is, unsurprisingly, Appleā€™s music streaming service? Moreover, it offers you entire access to any of the songs in the whole music library irrespective of where you are. As you would initially expect, Apple Music is relatively well-designed, allowing you to maneuver swiftly, swap, and save recommendations. However, as a bonus addition, the application is also available on both the major platforms. Besides, the catalog of more than 50 million compositions is one of the great draws. But, there is plenty of other content that you can check, such as documentaries, concerts, and much more.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music

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It is essential to know that YouTube Music once was a black sheep. However, it is not getting its fair share of popularity in the sun with the introduction of Google Play Music. One needs to wonder why it has taken so long for such a digital music application to make a significant mark. The app is free to use but with advertisements. Speaking of which, if you are looking for ad-free listening, with offline downloads and background listening, you might have to download YouTube Music and purchase a Premium Plan, costing around $10 every month.


It might not be a secret to many artists that they do not receive a substantial cut from streaming services. However, that is not true when it comes to Bandcamp. This digital music app is dedicated to billing artists. And, guess what? The amount you pay to the application, around 80-85% of the money, goes directly to the band, singer, or creator you have bought from. Having said that, there is no subscription cost to download the app. But, neither does the application utilize a free model. Instead, you can buy albums and tracks from every artist in question.


Even though Shazam is reckoned for its music detection skills and attributes, it is also a convenient means of streaming some tracks once you recognize them. It is not a stand-alone app. This simply implies that the app works ideally when paired with other streaming apps, recognizing television shows and songs in a matter of minutes and seconds.

Amazon Music

Amazon Digital Music

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The mighty Amazon may have been late to the entire fold, but its Amazon Music application is quite good. Besides, the digital music application provides you with access to several free songs. Also, it tends to comprise an entire Cloud Player library, consisting of numerous uploaded songs and ones you bought from Amazon itself. In case one only has a single device, they can pay around $4 every month by tying the subscription to a single Fire or Echo device. Moreover, Prime members receive free access to several pared-down versions of full memberships with more than two million songs.


This is one of the applications with a wide-ranging community of podcasters, bands, musicians, and many more. The application tends to retain all the hallmarks of the entire site, allowing you to search for newly-crowned and upcoming artists to listen, follow, and save into your feed. Besides, the pro subscription is for creators and begins at only $12 every month.

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