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12 Home Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

12 Home Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

Are you looking for home decor tips to enliven your space? A home is a space that is not only personalized but filled with endless possibilities. And, when we say possibilities, we mean revitalizing empty walls, corners, areas, and whatnot. With a few additions and customization, you can transform those stark walls, bare finishes, and empty corners into a chic-styled centerpiece.

If you are an art collector, a book lover, or a nature enthusiast, look for things with which you add various styles and guess what – modus operandi. To know more about how to refresh your personal space, here is a rundown of some of the best home decor ideas and tips.

1. Go for large-scale art.

When it comes to amplifying your walls, wall art cannot be ignored. An oversized photo or painting may just set the tone for you and command attention in a tiny space. As a result, try and go with a black-and-white art frame with a photo amid the minimalist room. In addition, you can add some specific colors coupled with vibrant abstract pieces. To buy such artwork, you can either visit an art gallery or shop online for cheap yet attractive frames.

2.Curate a gallery wall.

Modern Home Decor

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One should know that nothing in the world can beat a curated gallery space. It can either be stunned on a wall or in your lounge area. Display an art collection or just photographs with wall hangings and various other ephemera. Here, you can opt for elegant yet straightforward cohesive frames or add an array of ornate variations. Experts suggest that you extend your home’s gallery wall to the ceiling to exhibit an illusion of significant space.

3. Incorporate an accent wall.

Have you ever wondered how rich celebrities add accents to their interiors? Well, if you were not aware of such a thing, here is one for you. Besides displaying objects and elements, you can simply decorate your walls. To start with, choose a bold and bright color to produce an accent. Furthermore, you can add wallpaper patterns, stenciling techniques with other pain techniques. Even if you have a small space, accent walls can bring out the best of your entire house.

4. Set up a warm reading spot.

Warm Reading Spot

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Don’t you have a designated reading spot at home? Well, if not, no problem. If it does not have any leftover real estate to convert into a reading spot, consider designing your living room. Here, you can design your living room to serve as a lounge area along with the much-needed reading spot. You can strategically select furniture with shapes and fabrics that are not only homey but sophisticated as well.

5. Install shelving

If you are running out of space for bookshelves, consider taking your collection to your home’s wall. Either you can go to display hardcovers or try installing floating shelves with small sculptures.

6. Go greener

Remember, plants are not just resting on the windowsill. If you have such plants kept on the windowsill for long, try wall-mounting or hanging some planters to provide a green essence to the entire space. In case you are not big on water, go with a high-quality faux plant.

7. Treat Your Windows

Windows Home Decor

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One should know the importance of suitable window treatments. If you love roman shades, try adding a fun pattern. Well, this may go against decorating 101, but utilizing tiny patterns altogether can be much more straightforward on the eye.

8. Set the tone with a significant chalkboard or whiteboard.

Even though you think chalk or whiteboard was your school’s element, do not hesitate to add one at home. We’re not telling you to go traditional but aesthetic. A huge board is ideal for a playroom, an office, or a kitchen where you can work and demonstrate your thoughts. A rustic chalkboard can lend some air to any of your home’s space. In addition, a whiteboard is one of the contemporary alternatives you can look for. It is not essential to stick to whites. You can go with various prints and shades or paint the entire wall with some writable elements.

9. Consider mounting your television.

Want some ideal ways to start your home decorating project? Start by mounting your television. Adding a smart television to a wall can free up ample space for your home cabinet. In simple terms, it can also enhance your wall and update the complete look of your bedroom or living room. If you are thinking about something else, try going for a wall frame. Such a frame will hold your television and provide an ambient essence, showcasing several images of your choice on it. The right frame can do a lot more than just hanging a tv.

10. Reupholster the furniture

Reupholstering the furniture at home will freshen up space instantly. And if you love eclectic decorating, consider taking notes from an expert to experience an impeccable living space for your home. Try adding an angular mirror, marble fireplace, vivid orange art, geometric pottery, and rustic stool to unexpectedly complement the softness of blush pink chairs stationed in your dining space.

11. Create constellations

Are you a follower of constellations and often go to sleep while star-gazing on the roof or in a tent? Well, if that is the case, then you need to design a mini-universe over your bed’s headboard. And, do not forget that such an idea can work with any age. Not only is this an impactful idea, but this would be great for your DIY project: all you have to do is begin with a template and tape everything on the wall with the help of a string. Moving on, make use of white yarns between roofing nails to resemble stars.

12. Simply Tidy Up

Patio Home Decor

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This might not be the point you were looking for, but do not hassle. You can make this activity a fun-going thing by adding some pieces like a stylish coat rack to the front door, a small folding chair, along with some rack elements.

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