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Why Are Hotels Incorporating CBD Into Their Services?

Why Are Hotels Incorporating CBD Into Their Services?

In recent years, CBD also referred to as Cannabidiol, has become very much available on the market, ranging from body lotions to kombucha and coffee. According to many scientific studies by pharmaceutical companies and universities, it has been found that CBD may alleviate many health issues, such as anxiety, sleeplessness, menstrual cramps, and depression. Since CBD products do not carry intoxicating effects and do not make you high, more and more hotels and centers in the tourism sector have started incorporating CBD into their therapies and menus.

Ordering room service? Get a dose of CBD right away!

Several spas, hotels, and other companies have sought to include CBD in their daily practices, fusing it with food and therapies.

In New York City, if you happen to look for a CBD-friendly hotel, James New York – NoMad in midtown is one to check out. They have CBD-infused munchies on their CBD menu. The chef who puts together all food items on the menu thought to start adding CBD to her creations in order to help in easing the joint pain of travelers staying at the hotel. Their toast points have 15mg of CBD and serve house tots with chipotle ketchup infused with CBD.

With the introduction of the CBD-infused menu, hotels now make sure that their guests and travelers can unwind and relax. It doesn’t end there. If you are not interested in food, the manager, James La Russo, makes sure the menu has non-food items like Wildflower’s body soap and CBD lip balm by Vertly for you to relax with.

Spa treatments with topical CBD preparation

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The benefits of spa therapies and sessions are plenty, but by adding CBD oil, treatments stand apart from the usual ones. Spa Solage, an Auberge Resort in Napa Valley, CA, offers CBD treatments. They have incorporated CBD oil in their massage treatments with body oils and facial scrubs.

The hospitality industry in the US has taken the medicinal benefits and studies seriously, as a result of which, the use of CBD in their treatments is growing. For instance, in Colorado, you can find many hotels that offer CBD spa services, which include deep-tissue massage, scalp massage, along a CBD-infused tea to conclude the treatment.

Even in states where medical cannabis laws are robust, you’ll end up finding local hotel spas offering CBD massages and several other treatments and therapies.

CBD Cocktails

Hotels are now serving CBD cocktails

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Since it’s not advisable or recommended to mix THC and alcohol, as the effects of THC get amplified by alcohol, CBD may add several vital benefits. As a result, many hotels and bars have initiated the serving of CBD-infused cocktails, which are succulent and add many health benefits in the process.

For example, in a city like Los Angeles, you have the option to head into Hollywood Roosevelt to enjoy a glass of CBD mojito. Through many testimonials, it has been found that people enjoy the drink for its relaxing effect.

Let’s do a quick rundown of some of the types of CBD-infused products you can opt for during your stay or a visit.

Topical Oils and Balms

CBD Oil for Massage

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Hotels and spas in the country incorporate oils and lotions into their menus for use in treatments and therapies. CBD oils and balms can warm the skin area and may result in easing stiff joints and muscle pain. If you are looking for some CBD recovery and relief massage therapies, you can choose to visit Florida Ritz-Carlton. Moreover, Philadelphia’s The Logan Hotel also offers CBD massage therapies by utilizing massage oil and exfoliating scrubs. Even in hydrotherapy sessions, hotels and spas have started to opt for bath oils infused with CBD.


Since CBD is being used by many hoteliers, they make sure that the dosage used remains under the recommendations of certified doctors. In blood orange products, there’s about 20 mg of CBD. If you want to get your hands on this product, you can easily locate the edible at Miami Beach’s minibars. Many Hollywood establishments have started to introduce full-scale dispensaries post-2019.

Tinctures, bitters, and shrubs

CBD-infused products have also begun to appear on the menus of several bars across the country, but majorly in the locations where cannabis is legal for recreational and medical purposes. Hotel Teatro, for instance, laces a shot of White Russian by accommodating CBD-infused pepper oil and turmeric. St Julien, Colorado, on the other hand, offers CBD-infused tea as an essential part of their spa packages for you to unwind at the end of the therapies and sessions.


Since hotels aim to deliver an experience during their guests’ stay, CBD has been the cherry for them to indulge with. It’s no surprise that they have started including CBD in their offerings, be it the menu or spa services. The pointers, as mentioned earlier, educate you about hotels along with the type of CBD-infused menu and services that are offered across the country.

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