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How To Select The Right Horse

How To Select The Right Horse

One of the biggest concerns for someone buying a new horse is the factors that determine the horse’s quality. Well, there is just one thing you need to know. This is not the Old Wild West, and you need to get it right. Not all horses are strong, tall, and agile. Buying a horse is a significant task yet exciting for new potential owners. However, choosing a suitable horse can be overwhelming and intimidating at the same time. So, to make things a bit easier for you, we have accumulated some of the best expert tips. Let’s get started without further ado.


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Choose the Right Size Horse

Remember, the height has to be spot on, or you will never be content with the money you splashed for the horse. It is also essential to know that horses are measured concerning ha where one hand is equal to four inches. And, there are no hard and fast regulations when it concerns the height of a horse. The primary factor to consider is that you shouldn’t be too big for the horse. The weight distribution should be apt. When the weight is unequal, either you will get hurt, or your horse will be out injured while injured.

Know that some people prefer getting on ponies, which are only about 14.2 hands tall or more petite. Also, the higher you have yourself off the ground, the further you might have to fall in an event or any accident. In addition, it can be very challenging for a smaller rider to mount a massive horse.

Choose A Suitable Breed

With more than 300 breeds and ponies worldwide, there are several options to select from. Every breed comes with its challenges and advantages. So, consider performing due diligence before buying one for you. Yet another thing you might be forgetting is the availability of quarter horses. Quarter horses and cowboys go hand in hand. They are famous for being the go-to option in the American West. Cowboys with big ranches depended on quarter horses for rodeo entertainment and labor when it came to American history.

Furthermore, quarter horses can also run at an incredible speed for short distances. It is their athletic physique that makes them ideal for competing in western riding disciplines such as reining and barrel racing.

Buy a Horse that Suits Your Personality

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Since several horses are known for their traits and calm personalities, there are others known to be energetic. And then, there are horses with varying personalities. These are a couple of reasons you need to exercise and keep in mind while purchasing one. Such a practice allows you to make sure you are a good match for the horse. What if you’re an aggressive runner and your horse does not represent your personality?

Choose a Horse Of Your Experience Level

One well-known rule in the horse community is never to match a red horse with a red rider. Well, there are reasons behind such a saying. Doing so only invites trouble. An inexperienced rider should begin with a ride that has a decent experience. As new riders, getting the riding basics can take some time. Also, placing a green rider with a resembling horse can lead to incorrect techniques and bad habits for both parties. So, when you buy one, make sure that you make it clear about the experience you want to achieve with the animal.

Buy a Horse That Represents Your Riding Goals

When you begin looking for a suitable horse, take some time to think it over and acknowledge your long-term goals with the horse. If your objective is to compete in sports or competitions, consider choosing a ride in their prime with several years of runs and robustness. You must also focus on their physique for physical demands. If your objective is to commit to pleasure riding rounds and trail rides, you do not require a horse built for intense competitions. Instead, your primary concern should be looking for a level-headed or reliable horse with a good amount of endurance.

Take a Test Ride

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Yes, you don’t just take test rides of a vehicle before buying one. Horses, too, are available for test rides. This is to ensure you do not get your hands on something you weren’t looking for in the first place. Moreover, if possible, get in touch with someone experienced with you to ride to get a suitable feel. Also, know that the ride won’t go perfectly. One needs to focus on the bigger picture. It does not end there. If you buy a horse without taking a test ride, you might end up in a nerve-racking situation where you can’t do much. So, always choose to take a test ride.

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