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Best Selling Games For A Reason

Best Selling Games For A Reason

Games have become a part of our lives ever since they came into existence. It would also be fair to say that they have evolved significantly with modern developers taking the stage. However, when it comes to the growing interest in LAN and online gaming, a lot has changed since Counter-Strike. They have become much more competitive, with COD: Black Ops making its way into mainstream gaming.

Speaking of which, online gaming is another thing we might touch in further blogs. This piece is solely dedicated to the best-selling games of our era. We will look through various installments, from the vintage Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider to the Modern Metal Gear Solid with a creative yet fulfilling eye. So, let’s get started with the best-selling titles of all time.

Computer Games

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Metal Gear Solid 3

Things got a bit interesting when Hideo Kojima announced the release of MGS 3. Even though it is the third installment in the historical series of Solid Snake, it happens to be the beginning of it all. No, we aren’t talking about the gameplay or story. Being the 3rd game in the series, it is right at the top of the chronological order of Snake’s story. Originally released on PS2 consoles, this game broke most of the gaming records and became one of the most played games of the early 2000s. Isn’t it crazy?

The Last Of Us

We might have touched down on its Part 2, but The Last Of Us has been the beginning of everything. If you really want to play a stealthy yet interactive sequence, it has to be this zombie-apocalypse game. The last of us shows us how to cope with loss, establish a pristine tie with another human, and survive in a world that knows no limits. It is a true definition of what lies ahead and what’s left behind. Although several games have made their way showcasing zombie-apocalypse platforms, no one can compete with this masterpiece.

Complete the first 15 minutes of the game, and you might experience teary eyes, setting the tone of the entire adventure. From bearing unexpected loss to knowing no boundaries, the last of us can change our thoughts for good. After all, it is the game of the millennium.

God Of War


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Well, well, well! The ghost of Sparta is not just an edition of this franchise but one of the best characters the gaming industry has ever witnessed. From the wrath of his family’s ashes to a plethora of revenge-driven sequences, the game is widely based on Greek Mythology. Being the protagonist of the game, Kratos started everything from letting us know the meaning of surrender to a barbaric power to taking revenge in the name of his dead family. The game is indeed a work of talent and time. If you want to play the vintage game, you can still play this game on the PS2 console.

Need For Speed: Underground 2

Those were the days when we drove the famous Audi A8 at night in NFS: Underground 2. You can do many things simultaneously, from buying a stock vehicle to customizing it your way by completing specific missions. In addition, you need to know one driving factor that makes this all-time classic a no-brainer. From the world of night hour driving to waiving off certain pick-outs of the game, you will love it like no one else. Back when this game made its way, another hot topic was Takedown. But, not only did NFS beat it easily but also made a substantial mark.

FIFA Franchise

FIFA Franchise

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Even though this title releases every year, you can’t get over it but think what it means to gamers who play it. Fifa is one of the only franchises with a maximum number of rights concerning players, international teams, club teams, leagues, and whatnot. Every year, the game tries to introduce a feature or two, allowing players and gamers to experience a new thing every time they buy the latest edition. Speaking of which, Fifa 22 has made a significant mark on the gaming markets, leaving PES behind in sales and many other competitions.


Oh yes, you read it right. This specific title is not only a no-brainer but also demands respect. Back in the day, when we visited gaming parlors and played TEKKEN on joysticks, it was the best feeling ever experienced. But, with transforming times and technological advancements, there are several things that the developers have worked upon, leaving the modern-day players in awe.

With improved graphics, gaming engines, and new campaigns, one can bask in its past glory and play it on PS4 without thinking about certain things. So, what are you waiting for? Get the game right now and have your friends on their toes every time you choose the strongest player.

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Best Online Games: Top Titles You Can’t Miss Out On

Best Online Games: Top Titles You Can’t Miss Out On

Games have always been the center of entertainment ever since they made their way into our lives. Tell us if we are wrong here. And, with the modern age experiencing several breakthroughs, you may be surprised to know how online games have sufficed in the lives of our offline friends. Namely, irrespective of some of the best PC titles. Online games require relatively more minor investment. And, we are not just talking about the efforts and money here. Such games are not expensive and need less time to complete the story campaign. In simple terms, you can spend some good time playing all these games without changing a chunk, which is why they have a substantial following.

Even though they may not have a significant emotional pull of The Last Of Us or Red Dead Redemption 2, some ideal online games are pitch-perfect for a quick virtual session during a work or school break. Moreover, they are great for a bit of distraction you may require after or in the middle of a hectic day. And, regardless of your gaming taste, there is always something or the other for you, be it puzzle-based games such as something ridiculous like Robot Unicorn Attack, Samorost, or Runescape.

Online Games

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So, here, we have utilized our best gaming education to find and select suitable and worthwhile online games. While you are at it, do a huge favor and invest your hard-earned money in the best router for a smoother gaming experience.

1. Game of Bombs

Well, have you ever heard about the original PlayStation classic, Bomberman? It was not only the best-crafted game but was the most addictive multiplayer game ever created by any developer. Here, the Game of Bombs tends to emulate the virtual drug. With the bonus, you will no longer require the need to ponder around a knotted cable’s drawer. Oh, all these joys of the digital century!

2. AdventureQuest

If playing as a lone ranger is more your style and speed, this single-player RPG game is worth checking out. And, almost 20 years have gone by, nothing has changed, and this turn-based fighting game is right here holding the speed. So, if you are playing this on your computer, know that you need to get Adobe Flash installed first. It doesn’t end here; one has to pay a fee to play as the Guardian.

Selecting between evil and good through your actions, your primary job is to eliminate and take out monsters to gain gold, Z-tokens, and skill points.


This game’s concept is relatively simple. It is a strategy game where a gamer needs to grow and boost the entire line to become numero uno. However, as simple as it sounds, the gameplay is not that straightforward. To begin with, you may also have to play against other gamers, some of whom may sense a naive player from far off. So, be smart, quick, and ruthless. While you are playing the game, you might catch the tempo of the game. Moreover, consider being quick with your fingers and thinking on your feet.

Online Games

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4. Die 2 Nite

This is one of the text-based online multiplayer games based on the zombie apocalypse and is occupied with little in-jokes. Well, how do you know it is a challenging one? When the game begins, you are welcomed with a pleasant message ‘Be Positive,’ you are gonna die. So, what do you say to that? How do you maneuver your soul and get up to speed? However, in the daylight hours, you and other players can work together in motion to build defenses for the next night, which is one of the tactical reminiscents of Fortnite.

5. Samorost

If you have never played the games by the Czech developer Amanita Design games, you might be missing out on some funny, quirkiest, and elaborate puzzles that are pre than just point-and-click. Moving on, the third of the space-aged series was released on March 24 on Steam. Besides, Samorost’s chapter one can also be played online. However, be sure to try some other games like Shy Dwarf, Machinarium, and Botanicula.

6. Polycraft

When you get your hands on Polycraft, we bet you aren’t going to miss out on this wonderful yet fascinating game. Remember, this is more than an average tower defense push. Polycraft can be defined as a cross-connection between Zelda and Crash Bandicoot. Build bases, collect supplies, and explore dungeons – you get the entire idea, right?

7. Superhot

Games to play online

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Several popular console titles and steam games owe their popularity to websites like Newgrounds and Miniclip, hosts to endless free titles from marginal publishing budgets to small studios. Know that only a few of such success stories sound as authentic as Superhot, which is one of the first-person shooters developed under the roof of Unity. This is where time comes to a standstill.

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5 Modern Innovations That Will Change The Future Of Education

5 Modern Innovations That Will Change The Future Of Education

In the last two decades, there has been a lot of emphasis on digital literacy and digital citizenship. This is because the world has reached the digital revolution and every industry is being influenced by technological innovations. The education industry isn’t left out of the party. Schools are starting to view tech innovations as the pathways to a better education system for students. Some tech tools are already taking the lead in this revolution and they are going to become more useful in the years to come. These are three tech innovations taking the lead:

Gaming and Education (Gamification)

The edtech industry has finally found a way to make gaming a key instrument in education. Since gaming is popular among young learners, gamification allows them to learn useful and practical things. When the trend was about to start many years ago, many people opposed it claiming that games weren’t ideal instruments for dispensing school work. Now, this tech is gaining ground and it is only going to become more popular in the next few years.

By using games to instruct students, educators take away almost all the anxiety and pressure that typically comes with learning difficult subjects. It motivates students and teaches them to explore rather than memorize topics. Some popular gamification tools are Kahoot, Habitica/Habit, Do It Now, SuperBetter and EpicWin.

Virtual Reality and Learning

Virtual reality is one of the few emerging technologies that is going to change the world. Across industries, this technology is already making waves and it is going to increase in popularity as time passes. Thanks to virtual reality, students can enjoy an immersive experience while learning an otherwise boring subject or something difficult to explain. For example, Star Tracker, Star Chart VR, or Astronomy VR can be used for astronomy classes. Since students can’t travel to space, these tools bring space to them and allow them to study the stars.

Sharecare VR, an app for medical students, allows learners to virtually stand inside a beating human heart during classes. There are many other VR tools making waves in the education industry and software engineers have been benefiting from adding edtech skills to their resumes.

Modern Education

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Artificial Intelligence in Education

Artificial intelligence doesn’t just make things easier for students. It makes things easier for teachers as well. Administrative duties like grading, creating curriculums, assessing schoolwork, getting valuable feedback, and enhancing personalized teaching are made easy. Schools around the world are already using AI tools for automation and teaching. Some of the most reliable AI tools that are currently being used in schools are Duolingo, Thinkster Math, SmartEd, Brainly, and Front Row.

None-tech Innovations of the Future

While the modern innovations that are impacting the education industry are tech-related, tech isn’t the only thing that will shape the future of education. Teaching styles and emphasis on certain subjects will also become more popular with time because they teach life and survival skills. Among these disciplines are:

Safety and Security Courses

Schools used to be safe spaces for students across the globe. They could learn and interact with their peers comfortably without fear. These days, gun violence and the prevalence of school shootings have made schools unsafe, especially in the United States. According to reports from CNN, more than 56 school shootings were reported in the United States as of November 2019. School curriculums are now being adjusted to include safety and security courses. Software is also being used to identify and eliminate possible threats. It is clear that technology still has a role to play.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Have you ever heard of SEL? It is an acronym for social and emotional learning. This new branch of education focuses on teaching learners how to manage their feelings. This includes all forms of emotions including empathy. SEL helps students stay focused on their academics and promotes a good relationship with others. Research has shown that students with SEL in their curriculums do 11 percent better academically than those without it.

Bottom Line

These five innovative tools and methods of teaching are rapidly increasing in popularity in developed nations. However, developing nations are still lagging when it comes to technological innovations. There is the problem of accessibility. How many schools in developing nations have access to artificial intelligence, gamification, and virtual reality devices? It’s going to take decades for these countries to reach the edtech advancements in the developed world.

This article was written by Ufuoma Nora Ogono

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Ufuoma Nora Ogono is a full-time freelance writer with over 4 years of experience in the industry. Over the years, she has produced high-quality content for,, and many other reputable websites.


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