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A Complete Guide To All Motorbike Types

A Complete Guide To All Motorbike Types

If you were born in the 1950s, you know how easy it was back then to understand motorcycling. All the 2-wheelers looked as if a 10-year old drew them. In addition, all the off-road bikes looked the same with knobbly and rugged tire types. Learner bikes were similar but smaller, and sidecar outfits were similar too. However, they had a smaller caravan attached via tent poles. Guess what? Nowadays, it is relatively complicated and much more advanced. With different forms and types of technology hitting the automotive industry, every manufacturing unit has elevated its level to stay up with the competition.

At this moment, if you intend to dip your toes in this deep world, you are welcome. By the way, here is a rundown of some categories of motorcycles that you can’t miss out on.


Adventure Motorbike

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Adventure biking is one of the hot streaming trends at the moment. But, would I drive an adventure bike to the hill? That would be a definite no, isn’t it? Well, these bikes do look powerful. But, with power comes a sturdy weight. Most adventure motorbike owners never venture onto the dirt. Instead, they enjoy their comfortable riding positions, supple suspension on the tarmac, and superb weather protection. The best-seller under this category is BMW’s 1254cc R1250GS. However, there are smaller versions like Suzuki V-Strom 250.


A cruiser is meant to cruise. That is exactly how this category reads like. If you can picture the mobility of a cruiser, you know how viable it is for extended routes. Just like Harley-Davidson, every cruiser is low, long, and comes with a V-twin engine. Don’t know what this means? A motorbike with two cylinders arranged in a V position. Even though they can thunder away from several traffic lights relatively faster than any car, cruisers are not meant for outright performances. Instead, manufacturers design them to look cool while the rider lazily drives away.


The naked category is a proper motorbike that your grandfather used to ride back in the day. This category has no fancy design, just a pair of wheels and a powerful engine. They are comfortable, seamless, and are relatively upright. Moreover, these bikes are designed to be quite agile. One should also know that they are fun to hustle-round bends. While some are quite fast, most of them are fantastic and intermediate bikes. And, if you did not know, the lack of fairings makes them cost-effective.


Sports Bike

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Another category that has been ever so popular in the modern world is sports biking. These are the road-going versions of racers, with full fairings, highly tuned engines, and robust suspensions. When it comes to the upside of this bike category, it is stupendous. Even though there are colossal manufacturers of sports bikes as their flagships, plenty of beginner-friendly versions are available in the market.


Sumptuous, covered in luggage, and significant; if you are looking forward to racking up many miles with a pillion passenger, you may require a tourer. However, this isn’t true since several bikes can go on a healthy tour. The fun fact – tourers make everything easy and seamless. Remember, if you cannot recognize a tourer, they have the latest gizmos like heated seats, stereos, and central luggage locking. But, wait – they are unsurprisingly expensive.

6.Dual sport

Wondering how to commute through the entire town during a busy week then go for a ride on local trails around the weekend? The answer to all your worries is a dual sport bike. It is one of the road-legal bikes that are ideal for off-roading. Unlike adventure categories, a dual sport bike can easily take you on an adventure you have been craving for years.


Even if a classic motorbike is reckoned as an old machine, how old would it be, anyway? Classics come from the early 1970s and 80s. While veterans are manufactured before 1915, classics come from the era of 1980s and 90s. These bikes can be modern classics, depending on how they are regarded. If you are wondering about identifying a modern classic, a 1992 Honda Fireblade can do the job.


Like the term itself describes, an off-roader is designed to go off-road without any compromises. They can accelerate hard, are light, have knobbly tires, and sophisticated suspension. However, most fall under the competition biking sector, built for motocross short-lap racing. One must know that these bikes are not road-friendly. You may come across restrictions on driving an off-roader on regular roads.



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Are you holding on to your guessing game? Well, scooters haven’t changed since the Vespa from 1947. If it has a floorboard for your feet, small wheels, and an automatic gearbox, voila – it is a scooter. They’re ideal city transport vehicles with loads of storage, decent weather protection, and no clutch or gears to worry about. All one can do is twist the wrist and go.

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