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How Cosmetic Procedures Have Transformed Over The Years

How Cosmetic Procedures Have Transformed Over The Years

According to one of the research pieces, around 18 million people underwent cosmetic procedures in the US alone in 2018. Since modern problems require modern solutions, science has achieved heights in the 21st century. And, most of the advancements have become a reality with ongoing technology. However, before getting back to the heart of the discussion, it’s imperative to acknowledge the difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery.

While cosmetic procedures focus on body enhancements, plastic ones reconstruct various body parts that have experienced damage due to burns, disease, or trauma.

Motivating factors

Cosmetic Surgery

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A researcher conducted a study in the UK that analyzed more than 200 questionnaires to determine the factors that enable people to undertake cosmetic procedures. Such a questionnaire comprises questions like life satisfaction, self-esteem, religiosity, self-rated physical attractiveness, media consumption, and attitude toward cosmetic surgery. The research department wanted to know the factors influencing a user’s likelihood of choosing a specific cosmetic procedure.

When the results came in, they showed that low self-esteem and religious beliefs were considerable predictors of likelihood. Moreover, the findings indicated that women with low self-esteem, attractiveness, and life satisfaction had few religious ethics or beliefs and high media exposure to adhere to cosmetic procedures. Even though women were more inclined to cosmetic surgeries, the number of males considering such a turn was massive.

In addition, such a study also highlighted some potent effects of religiousness and media exposure. Individuals with more media exposure believed that cosmetic procedures brought more benefits to their appearance and stature in society. However, those with religious beliefs were more likely to ignore cosmetic procedures as they conflict with their beliefs.

Top cosmetic surgical procedures you should know.

The ASPS stated that the top cosmetic procedures in 2018 were as follows:

  1. Breast augmentation — More than 313,700 procedures
  2. Nose reshaping — 213,700 procedures
  3. Liposuction — 258,500 procedures
  4. Tummy tuck — 130,000 procedures
  5. Eyelid surgery — 206,500 procedures

Cosmetic Procedure

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Just like every medicine branch, such advanced medical procedures have changed significantly. Furthermore, it has improved too, over the last decade. One needs to understand the history of the subject. Back in 1895, the first plastic surgery was documented and it was breast augmentation. Ever since then, cosmetic surgeries and procedures have become prevalent and have become safer and gradually improved. Moreover, they have become more famous.

Post-war cosmetic procedures

Post first and second world war tragedies and events, cosmetic technology made a significant amount of progress in bounds and leaps as researchers raced to understand treatments for several injuries experienced by soldiers. This comprised pioneering skin grafting methods utilized to cure burns. Even though such a field is referred to as plastic surgery procedures, many surgeons have borrowed and developed the technique further into cosmetic procedures. Throughout the 1940s and 1950s, healthcare providers and especially surgeons focused on rhinoplasty, cleft palates, and various facial reconstructive treatments.

The rise of liposuction

With the post-status of the world war receding, surgeons worldwide began to shift their focus on cosmetic treatments instead of reconstructive ones. With such a situation, the early 1960s and 1970s witnessed silicone breast implant’s introduction. In addition, breast augmentation became prevalent all around the globe. However, in the 1980s, breast implants became quite famous and were improved considerably by doctors and surgeons. Yet another new crowd favorite was liposuction, which was also on the rise.

Furthermore, during the 1990s, more than a million liposuction operations successfully took place in the United States alone. And, in 2000, the new face of cosmetic surgery came into action.

Natural is best

Have you ever wondered that the most noticeable advancements and improvements have all been significantly invisible? Instead, this is how unnoticeable cosmetic surgeries are in modern times. If you compare this with treatments offered a couple of decades ago, you will come across complementary procedures provided with traditional ones and how their combination offered simplistic results.

Modern innovations


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With so many years under the belt, cosmetic surgeries and procedures have become much less invasive. Moreover, in today’s date, some popular treatments are non-invasive procedures like non-surgical facelifts and Botox. And, when it comes to body contouring treatments, they have also become a famous option for people looking to avoid invasive surgeries.

When it comes to surgeries, the biggest game-changer in plastic surgery’s history was the endoscope’s introduction in the 2000s/ such an introduction allowed the rise of a keyhole surgery, which is a modern type of surgical therapy, both minimally invasive and tends to leave little to no scarring problems. In the end, cosmetic surgery has relatively nothing in common with 1900’s prototype surgeries. Moreover, luckily for us, cosmetic procedures have improved in every department, allowing us to undertake its practice without giving any thought.

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