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North America – Top Rated Destinations

North America – Top Rated Destinations

One of the biggest things we dream of is an overseas vacation. Getaways at places we used to watch in movies, Netflix Series, old-school drama, and not-to-forget – literature. Well, we are talking about the Northern America regions. From Haiti, Mexico to Canada, and the United States, you have always dreamed about visiting these places at least once in your life. Moving on, every place graces the list and may adorn your personality once you book your tickets for these enthralling destinations. And, you should know that every city on our list has received more than 600 reviews.

So, find your favorite from the list and get a quick itinerary designed by your local travel studio. Refer to the rundown and make immediate plans.

1. Wailea, Hawaii

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Have you watched Hollywood’s endless action movies showcasing the beachy life of Hawaii? If that is the case, Wailea is the place for you. And, there is also a saying, it’s a place so nice that you need to choose it twice. Wailea is the bride and never the bridesmaid, blessed with five pristine crescent-looking beaches, nearby Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve, and luxuriously stylish resorts. Moreover, this place pampers every travelers’ senses with beautiful sights, world-class food, inviting weather, and fresh ocean scents.

2. Cambria, California

Remember, California is not only the political hub but arguably the prettiest stretch of coastal land. Cambria is known as the idyllic little place amongst beauty giants around. Reflecting these merits, this pristine destination jumped from sixth on the list to second in 2021. If you plan to come to this beautiful town, walk throughout the Moonstone Beach Boardwalk to check the sea life and book a horseback tour via mountains. This is a great Northern America travel destination.

3. Springdale, Utah

Springdale is for those who love getting into beauty, adventure, and the great outdoors. This is one of the ideal places to be while exploring Zion National Park. Here, you can sight sandstone cliffs’ blushing hues. Moreover, if you did not know, the town is ideal for its southern Utah landscape, village-like charm, and friendly community.

4. Quebec City, Quebec

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Reckoned as one of the wonderful cities on the globe, Quebec city tends to beckon tourists and travelers with captivating views, historical sites, and rich cultural features. One can simply walk the Dufferin Terrace to ogle Château Frontenac. However, while you do that, do not forget about the historical battlefields. If you are a peaceful one, spend a quiet moment with yourself at Jardin Jeanne d’Arc, one of the lush parks in the pristine gardens.

5. Ashland, Oregon

Situated around the Rogue River, hosting one of the world-class theaters along with the ever-so outstanding Shakespeare Festival, Ashland is an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts and art lovers alike. You can even round out your day with river rafting, trail running, or skiing assisted with smoked brisket with chili sauce or asparagus dumpling soup at the Tot. This is a great Northern America travel destination.

6. Calgary, Alberta

Travelers can set out to Calgary, Alberta, for some of the best annual events, such as the Calgary Stampede. Even though you follow a different taste altogether for food and various cuisines, Calgary has you covered. Moreover, get used to experiences like The Big Taste and Calgary Folk Music Festival.

7. Victoria, British Columbia

For food enthusiasts and bloggers, Victoria is for them to feast on. The city has the best restaurants to serve delicious and diverse choices, art galleries filled with enticing works, and entertaining festivals. What you can do is, add yourself to the world-renowned Butchart Gardens and several lakes, beaches, and regional parks.

8. Sedona, Arizona

Did you know that Sedona is only one of the few towns that offers everything in abundance, from outdoor beauty, highly walkable downtown, calming retreats, and spas? Not only is its appeal undeniable, but you will also experience unreal starry skies on a night hike to Baldwin Trailhead. This is a great Northern America travel destination.

9. Cambridge, Massachusetts

North America Travel Destinations

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Known as the Neighborhood city, Cambridge tends to invite travelers to pick their favorite flavor. Harvard Square is one of the most favored and compact cities. However, Central Square happens to pack everything into a very small space. Moreover, one can even head to East Cambridge for some hidden spots and gems.

10. Montreal, Quebec

Well, Montreal surely knows how to acquire all the accolades. If you weren’t aware, it has the honor of being named a UNESCO city of design. You can experience every good firsthand in Montreal while wandering the streets alongside historical buildings such as Mies Van der Rohe structures and the Chalet du Mont-Royal.

11. Durango, Colorado

Durango is all about laid-back locals, awe-inspiring nature, plenty of cultural pursuits, and Old West vibes. While you are here, you can visit galleries, museums such as the Animas Museum, highlighting Durango history. Besides, the outdoors can tempt explorers to experience everything in and around the town, from San Juan National Forest to beyond. This is a great Northern America travel destination.

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