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What Are The Best Tropical Fish Species To Pet?

What Are The Best Tropical Fish Species To Pet?

So, you’ve planned on buying a fish tank, or you are thinking about buying one. Besides, you’re wondering what the best tropical fish for beginners are. Well, here we have a proper selection for you to consider. All the options listed below have been clinically selected for various reasons, from price, hardiness, feeding habits, and size.

Since your aquarium is not fully established or new with enough helpful bacteria, they can be prone to crashing. This implies that the water qualities may change quickly, and chemicals may build up amid water from excess food and fish waste. This could lead to fish poisoning. As time travels on your tank, different kinds of fish can become established with enough natural bacteria available to cope with any problem.

Best Tropical Fish

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However, as a beginner, you may not know how to fix this issue quickly. As a result, you’ll need to have specific fish that tend to be a bit hardy and can withstand poor water scenarios for a brief period and survive. You must never have terrible water conditions. Speaking of which, as a fishkeeping novice, you might make mistakes like all of us. To know more, let’s briefly look at the Best Tropical Fish.


The Guppy Fish or Poecilia reticulata, also known as the million or rainbow fish, is quite popular. It originates from Northeast and South America but is bred in captivity. However, it’s now a standard household tropical fish pet by almost every aquarist at one point. Furthermore, because of its relative cheapness and ease of keeping, people prefer this tropical fish. Besides, they are available in various vibrant colors. In addition, this lively fish is easy to care for due to its low maintenance cost.

These broadly distributed tropical fish are resilient breeds that can quickly adapt to varying water conditions for starter aquarists, making them ideal for beginners.


The Molly fish or Poecilia sphenops has yet another name – Common Molly. Initially, they come from Malaysia and are famous for their passive temperament and high ability to adjust to their respective surroundings. They are also available in abundance and arrive at a meager price, ranging from $3-6.

Being less aggressive and hardy, this versatile fish is a specifically decent pick for novice aquarists. Provided their nature, it’s generally wise for you to put any calm, tropical tank species with Mollies. Moreover, you can place several types and kinds of live water plants and algae for them to nibble on in a well-lit tank.

Dwarf Gouramis

Tropical Fish Species

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The Dwarf Gourami or Trichogaster lalius falls under small gourami species, which emerge from South Asia. This tropical species is also referred to as a peace-loving, shy fish. Besides, they are Labyrinth Fish, meaning they breathe directly from the air and require surface access. One must know that such a breed is relatively high in demand because of its radiant, diverse pallor available in flame red, powder blue, and rainbow patterns.


Catfish or Siluriformes, also referred to as Cory Cats, traces back to South America, Brazil, and Upper Rio Guapore. Various amounts are present worldwide, from 140 types to select from. Moreover, this fish is priced at merely $6, making them an aquarium necessity. Even as bottom-feeding catfish, they tend to possess a calm temperament and have a lifespan of close to twenty years.


The Swordtail or Xiphophorus helleri can be traced back to Central and North America. They are the most mainstream species and are labeled as a “beginners only” species.


The Suckermouth Catfish or Hypostomus plecostomus, also referred to as common pleco, is a tropical fish that most users might have seen before. To begin with, this fish species ranges back to the Amazon region or Tropical Northeastern South America. Speaking of which, it is also identified by their body’s heavy armored plates.

The Best Tropical Fish Species

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You need to know that one can hand-feed such carnivores and voracious appetites with small fish, ocean plankton, flakes, tetra cichlid crisps, bloodworms, and earthworms. They are quite entertaining to keep. However, it would help to remember that an aquarist needs to house them in a giant aquarium with suitable filtration methods.


True Loaches or Cobitidae usually come from Eurasia and Morocco. Since you are an inexperienced aquarist, you should know that they have a low price tag for a meager loach like a Kuhli Loach for an entirely grown clown loach. Having said that, what makes them one of the finest picks for fish keepers is their incomparably friendly persona. One of the prevalent things to watch out for is the fish’s feeding interaction. Now, isn’t that a bit entertaining for you all?

So, in case you want to figure out a fish species or two, there are several factors to consider before making up your mind. Happy fishing everyone!

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