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Surprising Benefits Of Playing Jigsaw Puzzles

Surprising Benefits Of Playing Jigsaw Puzzles

Whenever we think about playing puzzles, we usually use it as a hobby, a way to relax and pass the time. What we do not think about is the cognitive abilities that might get enhanced by playing jigsaw puzzles. Moreover, the truth is, you and your child can obtain several advantages during the activity. Having said that, today’s world is determined by the things we commit to. And it exactly falls under that criteria. Just wonder how your kid will grow if they have played jigsaw puzzles since a very young age.

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From assisting kids in their skill development, enhancing and improving mood and memory, to preventing significant illnesses in older adults, here, we have accumulated some of the profound benefits of playing puzzles. Keep reading to know more.

1. Mental exercise

Playing puzzles is considered a brain exercise since it can exercise both the left and right sides simultaneously. While the right side caters to emotions, creativity, and intuitive thinking, the counterpart accommodates the objective, logical, and systematic side. Moreover, the occupational lobe is one brain area that connects shapes and colors and gets activated.

2. Better Visual-Spatial Reasoning

Do you know that the situation we land ourselves in can positively impact the way we perform things? What happens when you touch something too hot? In such a case, the brain sends a signal to your hands to resist the touch. This is because the brain knows it’s too hot to handle. It is the same with playing puzzles. When you have several pieces kept in front of you, your brain wants it to make a larger picture, allowing spatial reasoning enhancement and improvement.

3. Greater Attention to Detail

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While solving a puzzle, primarily when the pieces are similar, it is essential to pay a lot of attention to even the tiniest of details. One needs to train their eyes to locate the small differences in shapes or colors to help complete the entire image. The potential of capturing small information may help individuals in every aspect of their lives, especially when playing or working.

4. Improves memory

Did you know that puzzles can increase new connections’ generation and strengthen neural connections? Well, if you had no idea about it, wait till you read the following sentence. Such an exercise also enhances thought processes and mental speed. When you pick up a puzzle piece, you have to search for other shapes and colors that you might have in mind to complete the image. This is the process that allows you to put yourself in autopilot mode while playing puzzles. Remember, when you exercise this part of the brain, it leads to improving short-term memory and maintaining your brain’s health.

5. Increase your IQ

IQ is one of the critical factors in determining your life. Well, we aren’t lying here. What happens when you are in schools learning about several chapters of science and maths. You come across people like Einstein, who had a tremendous IQ level. So, this is when you tend to acknowledge the importance of a good IQ. Even researchers from Michigan University stated that spending around 25 minutes of your day solving or playing riddles and puzzles can raise your IQ by 4-5 points.

6. Improve problem-solving ability

To solve jigsaw puzzles, one tends to take various approaches. Moreover, you also tend to learn to test hypotheses, formulate theories, and transform your perspectives when something does not go as planned. These skills can be transferred to work, allowing you to be more innovative while solving several forms and types of solving, promoting critical thinking, and incorporating better adaptive skills.

7. Increased productivity

Whenever you are less stressed and happier, it becomes straightforward to focus. And, when your concentration levels improve, the productivity levels tend to skyrocket. Speaking of which, if you are facing challenges to stay focussed on studies and work, take a short break and solve some puzzles to reset the brain. Even offices are starting to integrate similar games like riddles and puzzles in their resting and playing areas for employees to relax.

8. Better collaboration and teamwork

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Yet another reason to incorporate puzzles and riddles at your office is to help build collaborating nature between coworkers. Some researchers from Yale University found that when coworkers can play puzzles together, it improves work relationships, teamwork, and cooperation.

9. Decrease stress level

With several challenges in playing puzzles, it can help your brain relax and reset. Our brains tend to go from Beta to awake to an ultimate state of Alpha when you’re assembling puzzles. The shift in consciousness comes with several advantages, comprising:

  • Ability to perform deeper connections
  • Improve mood levels
  • Enhance self-confidence
  • Relieve stress
  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate

So, what are you waiting for? It is an ideal time for you to pick a puzzle piece and get started!

Featured Image Credits: Pixabay