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Cannabis And Women: A Match Made In Heaven?

Cannabis And Women: A Match Made In Heaven?

Cannabis is not new to the world. It dates back to hundreds and thousands of years ago when people used to make use of cannabis seeds and leaves for medicinal and recreational use. And, over the years, the combination of men and cannabis has made it to the mainstream.

However, ongoing studies and research have found several reasons that can make women fall in love with the natural supplement. That is because plenty of female influencers have stepped into the world of marijuana, which, in turn, has changed the outlook of women and cannabis. It is no longer a taboo or stigma but a modern age tool to experience relief.


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When it comes to a woman’s hormonal changes while aging, the recovery process from ailments and illnesses can get hindered. Cannabis, on the other hand, can ideally help women come out from such situations to maintain and sustain their overall well-being. Also, is rolling a joint advantageous for women? With centuries of gender stereotyping, here are four primary reasons why cannabis and women are a match made in heaven.

Cannabis is a Natural Female Aphrodisiac

Cannabis is not only business but a source of pleasure too for women when it comes down to benefiting and enjoying cannabis. Even though hundreds of articles are available on the internet about weed and sex for women, cannabis is much more than a success story. Since sex is a vital part of a woman’s life, spending a warm time between the sheets can be advantageous to mental and physical health, promoting healthy relationships.

One of the studies published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine states that cannabis has the potential to improve sexual intercourse, and those who smoked the substance before having sex enjoyed 20% more than their counterparts.

Cannabis and Women

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For a woman, pot may open the space of increased confidence, enhanced sensations, and the tenderness of sexual liberation. The magnitude of a woman’s influence in the industry is that manufacturers have started producing women-driven cannabis products. While women and men may both land themselves in a winning position when it comes to sex and weed, women come out on top.

Women’s Presence in the Cannabis Industry

The ongoing domination of women in the cannabis industry has been immense. It would be fair to say that they hold a significant number of senior roles’ percentages throughout the industry. One of the reports suggests that women hold a staggering executive figure of 36% amid the cannabis market, which has marked the industry’s end of masculinity. Those who used to think that only men could benefit from cannabis personally and professionally should go through the growing statistics. The female strength has made a considerable effort in breaking gender stereotypes and initiated the stride towards the peak.

If you are looking for successful specimens in such a sector, go through the case studies of an organization called Women Grow, which was started back in 2014 by the woman for woman orientation. This non-profit organization has only seen a rise since its inception and does not indicate otherwise. With so much going on between women and weed, the cannabis industry will only witness something more in the coming years.

Postpartum Depression

More than half a million women suffer from PPD (postpartum depression) across the country every year. Such a debilitating condition can show various signs while presenting itself and can give rise to a tedious task to diagnose during its breakpoint. It is essential to know what leads to such a condition. Symptoms such as low energy, extreme sadness, crying, emotional episodes, anxiety, anger, difficulty in eating, sleeping, and stress can give rise to PPD.

Postpartum Depression

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Since synthetic and prescription-based therapies and medications have long-term side effects, scientists and researchers have conducted several studies concerning cannabis and its benefits on PPD. Some evidence from one of those studies suggests that the supplement can relieve the most common symptoms associated with this condition. The way two of cannabis’ cannabinoids, CBD, and THC interact with our endocannabinoid system only shows that a woman should reach out for cannabis’ recommended doses to alleviate PPD’s symptoms.

Final Thoughts

Since a woman’s body goes through severe health-related issues, it is essential to take vital measures. In such a situation, cannabis can be of significant help. With several forms and types of products available offline and online, there is a broad range of lists for a woman to choose from. Furthermore, when it comes to the relationship between cannabis and women in 2020, it would be fair to say that they’re a match made in heaven. However, before integrating the supplement into your lifestyle or diet, consult an expert, and discuss the recommended dosage you can administer.

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