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The Best Tableware Props To Invest In

The Best Tableware Props To Invest In

An excellent food photographer can maximize the beauty of your kitchen through their lens. With the perfect lighting, they can capture the essence of the food served by you. But these fine-quality photographs need more than just the scrumptious food on your plate. All the little details are important when it comes to food photography. It is extremely important that you present nutritious and delicious dishes prepared by you in tableware props that bring out the uniqueness of your kitchen and your food.

We bring you the best tableware props that’ll help you enhance your photographs in no time!

Kitchen Utensils

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1. Wooden Cutting Boards

Wooden cutting boards are an essential component in photography. These boards help in adding layers to a photograph. Layers help in adding a beautiful touch to the photos. Tableware props like wooden cutting boards appear classy in photos.

Cutting boards give an inside on how you prepare your food. It gives an active visual of the methods you use while cutting your vegetables and other ingredients.

Cutting boards come in different sizes and shapes. You can find them on platforms like Etsy. Depending on the quality of the board, you can buy them within a price range of Rs. 800 to Rs. 4000.


2. Brass and Copper Utensils

Brass and Copper Tableware

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Brass and copper utensils add a vintage look to your photographs. A variety of cuisines including Mexican, Italian, Indian, and Mughlai can be beautifully presented in brass and copper utensils.

We believe that the shine of these utensils adds an elegant and traditional touch to your food photographs.

You can find these utensils in the local shops around your place. The prices may vary in different shops. We recommend you splurge a little and think of these props as an investment rather than an expenditure.

A cheap product can lose its shine. Therefore, for the perfect photograph, you need tableware props that look bright and shiny. You can find good-quality copper and brass utensils on Amazon.


3. Minimalist White Bowls

White is plain and simple. However, the reason we recommend a minimalist white bowl to the list of your tableware props is that they bring out the beauty of your food.

Your food is no less than art. Therefore, a white bowl is used as a canvas to present that art. Food photographers love white utensils. They believe that the colours of your dish are easily visible when placed in white containers.

The white bowl would work well in the light settings and your photograph will come out very naturally.

You can find some simple and minimalistic white bowls on Amazon and West Elm.


4. Matte White Plate

West Elm provides a collection of matte white plates that are not too shiny but help you capture stunning photographs.


5. Tea and Coffee Cups

An Indian kitchen needs tea and coffee cups as much as they need turmeric and red pepper.

We think that tea and coffee cups are a must to add to your list of tableware props. You need to buy an aesthetically appealing set of these cups so that you can capture pleasant photographs of your favourite beverages.

To buy exquisite tea and coffee cups, you can check out Flatlay Studio. At the price of Rs. 170, they offer you gorgeous tea and coffee cups.


6. Napkins

A catalog of tableware props is empty without napkins. They’re used to add more depth to the photos.

There are multiple ways you can use a napkin to stylize your photo. You can fold and tuck napkins under your white bowls. Another way to add them is by scrunching the napkin and placing it around your bowl or plate.

Napkins added with cups also bring out a beautiful photograph.

We suggest you buy napkins in different prints. In that way, they add visual interest to the photograph. They bring out the other elements in the photograph nicely.

You can buy napkins of different colours and patterns on sites like Amazon and Tata Cliq. Opt for ethnic Indian prints to add stylish detail to your table setting. Moreover, they’ll bring an instant flair to your room.


The Takeaway

There you have it! Those were our favourite tableware props.

Tableware props are a necessity when we talk about food photography. They help add layers and depths to the photographs. A simple prop can make a huge difference in the appearance of a photograph.

The Best Tableware Props

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About the Author

Shristi Patni

Shristi Patni

Content Writer

Shristi is a content writer and owner of F and B Recipes and Snazzy Women. When not writing, she can be found reading or trying new recipes.

12 Essential Kitchen Tools for Beginners

12 Essential Kitchen Tools for Beginners

Simple and smart cooking requires the right set of tools for the job. Instead of buying everything on day one, slowly and strategically build up your stock of essential kitchen tools that will make your life easier.

Having basic essential kitchen tools in your pantry will simplify your life.

You don’t have to buy the new, trendy, sleek, and exciting gadgets that are launched every day. Instead, invest in good basic tools that will last around longer.

Cooking Tools

Image Credits

To help you get started with the shopping, we’ve created a Basic Kitchen Essentials Checklist for you. Our list describes the uses of 12 basic kitchen tools and utensils that are perfect for novice chefs or cooks on a budget.

With these items, you can cook almost everything and even create gourmet meals!

1. Saucepan

Saucepans are perfect to cook meals that have liquids, for instance, to boil vegetables or pasta or to simmer beans and sauces.

A small saucepan is easy to handle and maneuver and is great if you’re cooking for 1-4 people.

2. Non-Stick Frying Pan

Everyone needs a non-stick frying pan for making wholesome breakfasts. A variety of pancakes and eggs can be made using a frying pan.

It’s versatile and can be used to make sauces, saute vegetables, and sear meats.

Avoid using abrasive tools on the surface to preserve the quality of the frying pan.

Invest in a two-piece set so that you have two pans around allowing you to cook multiple things at the same time.

3. Sheet Pan

These pans allow all types of action in the kitchen from roasting vegetables and baking meats to toasting nuts and baking cookies. They’re also incredibly easy to clean.

4. Glass Baking Dish

A microwave-safe glass baking dish is perfect for baking dishes such as enchiladas and casseroles.

An 8” glass baking dish is ideal for quickly sauteing vegetables or fully cook them in the microwave when your stove and oven are occupied.

5. Stock Pot

We’ve all had lazy days when we’re in the mood for a delicious meal but don’t have the energy or motivation to put in all the hard work.

Enter: One-Pot Meals.

These meals are easy to make, require little or no supervision, and are healthy.

One of my favorite one-pot meals is Martha Stewart’s one-pot pasta that requires a few ingredients.

A 12-quart stockpot will help you effortlessly cook a big batch of pasta, stew, or soup.

6. Measuring Spoons

It’s important to have a set of measuring spoons for recipes that require precise measurements.

You can also use them to scoop dried herbs and spices. Opt for a set of spoons that are handy, can fit into jars, and stick together so that you don’t have to worry about losing or misplacing a spoon.

7. Knives

Essential Cooking Tools

Image Credits

You can’t possibly cook without a knife.

If you have space and money for a single knife, then we recommend you buy the chef’s knife.

You’ll use it for 90% of your meal prep so invest in a quality knife and take care of it.

If you’re planning to purchase a set of knives, then you should get a paring knife as well as a serrated knife as well.

Paring knives are excellent to do small, delicate jobs such as dicing, peeling, mincing, and cutting.

Serrated knives, on the other hand, allow you to slice through bread and tomatoes with ease.

8. Wooden Spoons

Avoid putting them in the dishwasher and they’ll literally last forever! Since they’re non-abrasive, they’ll not cause any harm to your utensils.

Purchase a set of wooden spoons that has a variety of spoons to assist you with different types of cooking.

9. Peeler

A good, sharp peeler will make peeling vegetables, shaving cheese, and creating veggie ribbons a cakewalk.

10. Measuring Cups

They’re absolutely important if you love baking but are also great for everyday cooking.

We recommend purchasing a 4-piece set for measuring small amounts of liquid and dried ingredients.

A small measuring cup will make measuring liquids efficient and convenient. In fact, you can also make vinaigrettes and sauces inside it and pour them onto the dish!

11. Fish Turner

The wider base of this handy tool is great to flip pancakes, eggs, fish, and burgers. The beveled, thin edge makes it easy to slide beneath the foods you need to flip while the slots allow the grease to drain.

12. Tongs

Tongs are Essential Kitchen Tools

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They’re super useful and ask any chef around: they’ll agree that they’re like your extended hands!

Seamlessly flip bigger pieces of food or move ingredients around in a sheet pan or frying pan without worrying about burning yourself.

In Conclusion

These 12 essential kitchen tools will allow you to cook anything without spending a fortune and will last you a lifetime if you take care of them.

Which cooking tools do you think are important to buy when you’ve just started cooking? Tell us in the comments section below!

Essential Kitchen Tools for Beginners

Featured Image Credits: Pexels

Shristi Patni

Shristi Patni

Content Writer

Shristi is a content writer and owner of F and B Recipes and Snazzy Women. When not writing, she can be found reading or trying new recipes.