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Add These Comics To Your 2021 Calendar

Add These Comics To Your 2021 Calendar

2021 is halfway over, and we’re still looking for inspiration, isn’t it? Well, while we are left with another five months, there’s so much to do. But, if you are a comic enthusiast and looking to explore more evolutionary reads, this is the right space for you. Amidst the growing figure of several events, highly-anticipated, and relaunches, there are some creative and groundbreaking titles, each of which tends to illustrate how much comics continue to expand their reach and viability on readers.

Comics for 2021

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While we’re over the halfway mark already, we wanted to put the spotlight on some titles from this year itself. Not only have these titles stood out, but definitely deserve a lot of appreciation and praise. From miniseries and ongoing series to manga and OGNs, we have narrowed down these titles of the year for you to make your reading experience relatively easier. So, in case you wish to read a new comics title in the remaining days or just build your reading calendar, the post is here to help. Given below are some of the favorite titles you should not miss out on.


Naoki Urasawa is an extraordinary manga creator of our generation. With his apocalyptic writing style, he tends to bring similar aesthetics to the kaiju genre. Even though the title has a monster in the background, Asadora happens to be an ideal human and intimate tale, following the supporting protagonist from childhood while the truth unfolds itself.

2.Barbalien: Red Planet (Dark Horse)

Barbalien: Red Planet is one of the undeniably vulnerable packs that land the heaviest of punches. The storyline of this read is set on the verge of the AIDS crisis. In addition, this is a story of finding your identity and breaking barriers. Here, Tate Brombal tends to burst onto the picture with an extravagant mainstream debut.

3.Beta Ray Bill (Marvel)

An ideal element of Daniel Warren Johnson’s work in the superhero niche is the way he happens to synthesize every personal emotion with the commercially universal. While there’s just one issue left in the miniseries, the book’s author takes a spin-off from events in both Venom and Thor to narrate a tale on aliens trying to seek his position in the universe. As an exploration of identity and belonging, Beta Ray Bill affects the heart and eye in a tale that’s universal in more than one way.

4.Black Widow (Marvel)

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After Natasha Romanoff gets offboarded all of a sudden into the suburban domestic set, this iconic spy is then forced to meet her present, past, and future, with the adversaries and allies’ gallery across her path. Kelly’s narrative utilizes Natasha’s spy expertise to unravel one of the conspiracies about identity, agency, and trauma without sacrificing the spectacle. Black Widow from the Marvel Universe won’t only fulfill a fan’s dream to check her upcoming solo film, but it can also become the strongest solo one she has had till now.

5.Chainsaw Man (Viz Media)

In a world filled with feudal era demons and superheroes, one manga exists that makes a robust reputation and screen for itself. Chainsaw Man might look like one of the groundbreaking series, but its creator Tatsuki Fujimoto does not need to be underestimated at this point. This series is morbid, dark, and reflective – and, guess what, in the most apprehensive ways. The extraordinary tale narrates one of the young men, Denji, who tends to live in a devil world. So, if you have not got your hands on this one yet, this manga needs to be checked and bought right away.

6.Future State: Dark Detective (DC)

Did you know that the Future State event in DC Comics was nothing but a massive one with several interesting stories and books? However, the author Mariko Tamaki and the book’s artist Dan Mora have crafted this masterpiece. This not only stands as a seamless comic option for people but is the comic of the year so far. The series hopes to reinvent the Batman idea by transferring some of the characters back to their detective roots. Know that Future State from DC is a standout series and one that does deliver on various levels.
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7.Monsters (Fantagraphics)

What do you want to hear about Monsters at this point? Since its debut in April, the 40-year in the making volume ends up catching the attention of every media source and outlet that goes beyond comics standouts. Monster depicts tortured faces along with some lovingly detailed handwriting that happens to make this piece an immersive piece of reading. The writing style of the volume only allows the readers to look into the terrible events. In addition, Monsters is a series of artistic considerations, varied draftsmanship, and skillfully practiced, bearing all the expectations of people and comic lovers. In the end, the volume stands true to its cultural touchstone in 2021.

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