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Benefits Of Spa For Mental And Physical Health

Benefits Of Spa For Mental And Physical Health

A spa is a haven for people seeking serenity after a tiring and stressful day. It is a place where one can drive their mundane routine away and indulge in a luxurious medicinal bath filled with mineral-rich water and herbs.

A spa has a quiet and relaxing environment that transports you to an utterly peaceful world the moment you step through the front door. There are many different services in a spa, like medicinal baths, body treatments, body massages, and facials. You can also opt for steaming off in a sauna, a whirlpool tub, or sweat it out in a steam room. You can also combine a combination of services like going for a whirlpool tub and a facial pack. The spa menu includes several soothing services that aim to unwind your body and mind for a fresher you when you step out.

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A spa has several benefits for the mental and physical health of a person. In addition to freshening up the skin, it calms the mental stress of everyday life, rejuvenates the mind, and has many other unique benefits for the mind and body.

1. Lesser Headaches

Workload and family pressures can give undue stress, which eventually leads to frequent headaches. A spa is effective in reducing the frequency of headaches and mental stress. Spa services like deep head massage and body massage reduce tension, soothe the nerves, and relax the body.

2. Better Sleep

Sleep is a crucial activity for the human body. It refreshes the body and prepares it to face a new day. Lack of sleep or disturbed sleep often leads to a troubled mind, drastic loss in productivity, and ill-health.

3. Healthy Skin

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and is regularly exposed to many pollutants and harsh chemicals present in the products we use. This makes it irritant from the accumulated dirt and harsh elements. Spa services like facials and body massages remove dead skin cells from the skin, giving it a new life. It also promotes blood circulation in the body, leading to better skin health. The herbs and products used in the massages refresh the skin and give it a better glow. A regular session is a must-do for healthy skin.

4. Happy Hormone

In addition to keeping the mind fresh and calm, the spa increases the happiness quotient. A day at the spa can release the happy hormone ‘serotonin,’ which alleviates the mood and makes a person happier.

5. Reduces Body Ache

People often suffer from body aches caused by over-exercising or by a severe lack of any physical exercise. In such a case, spa sessions help to reduce the pain through massages and warm medicinal baths. A full body massage, foot massage, or a healing medicinal bath eases the muscle tissues, which reduces bodily pains. Sportspeople and people with arthritis and chronic pain issues are recommended regular massages and spas.

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6. Detoxification

The spa is a way of detoxifying the body and removing the unwanted toxic accumulation from it. A good spa session breaks down the fat reserves and transforms them into energy. During this process, the toxins get released, which gets extracted from the body. Additionally, there is also a slimming and sculpting spa session, which aids in weight loss.

7. Facilitates Anti-Ageing

There are many treatments for tackling anti-aging issues of the skin. Everyone wants younger and firmer skin. Spa treatments like facials and wraps prevent the appearance of wrinkles making the skin firmer and smooth to touch. These therapies stimulate the skin cells and boost hydration, thereby making it appear younger.

Things to Note

It is essential to keep the following tips in mind to have a blissful and relaxing day at the spa.

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  • While choosing a spa, look for the staff response while booking the appointment. A polite and courteous staff pool is the best as they would cater to your requirements and keep your priorities in high regard. Also, check for licensed therapists before the booking.
  • Browse through the venues’ menu and check the diversity of services before finalizing the one fit for your skin and body.
  • Express your skin concerns before finalizing the spa session. It becomes more accessible for the staff to suggest the one that suits your skin best and gives the best results.
  • Both male and female therapists offer services in a spa. If you have a preference, let the spa know beforehand to avoid any awkward moments later.
  • Drink lots of fluids after the spa session to hydrate the body and reap the benefits of the service. Avoid eating anything substantial before the spa sessions.
  • If you opt for a sauna or steam room, reach the location early. This would give ample time both to the staff and yourself to get ready for the sessions.

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Nutritionist: 5 Ways To Support Collagen Naturally

Nutritionist: 5 Ways To Support Collagen Naturally

In the name of beauty and natural anti-aging, the importance of collagen should not be underestimated. In fact, when it comes to maintaining the integrity of the skin and that coveted youthful glow, collagen is arguably key.

A naturally-produced protein, collagen is essentially responsible for structuring and holding together 80 percent of all connective tissue and 75 percent of skin. When we are younger, we produce enough collagen to meet these needs. As we grow older, however, the supply of collagen manufactured by our bodies naturally declines as part of the aging process, leading to wrinkles, sagging skin, lackluster hair, brittle nails, stiff joints, digestive issues, and more.

Thankfully, there are ways to support your collagen levels naturally, which in turn can have a highly anti-aging result. According to clinical nutritionist Sarah Newland, you can incorporate these easy but effective practices in both your diet and general lifestyle to help support collagen and keep you looking and feeling younger from the inside out.

1. Pay extra attention as you age

Women, who produce less collagen than men, lose it at a rate of about 1 percent each year from age 25 onwards. By the age of 50, women naturally will have lost almost half the elastin from their skin.

When it comes to aging and collagen production, it’s a seemingly double-edged sword.

“It’s a supply and demand thing!” says Newland. “As we age our collagen production slows down, while simultaneously our need for collagen increases.”

Sounds unfair, but that’s just the way our bodies naturally function and why it’s imperative to pay extra attention to looking after your collagen supply and stores. Doing so is key to an effective anti-aging protocol, according to Newland.

2. Include real food sources of collagen

“Our bodies lap up nutrients from real food sources first and foremost,” according to Newland, who recommends her clients consume bone broth regularly as part of their health regimen — and especially for its high elastin content.

Unfortunately for vegetarians and vegans, there isn’t a plant-based source that is comparable as an alternative.

“Collagen comes from the tissues it is found in, like ligaments, bones, bone marrow, and skin. Animal foods that contain these components, therefore, contain collagen that we use as the building blocks to create our own collagen,” Newland explains.

However, if you are not able to accommodate bone broth into your diet, Newland does have some tips for plant-based eaters. “Hydrate, ensure sufficient protein with each meal and snack, stay away from trans fats and unhealthy oils, and instead load up on plenty of essential fatty acids.”

Collagen Skincare

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3. Consume collagen-boosting vitamins

Vitamin C is the key nutrient required to help support collagen production naturally in the skin, so making sure your diet is rich in it is beneficial to supporting collagen.

“It helps the body increase precursors to collagen building blocks, and generally comes in high-antioxidant foods like densely colored vegetables, so it provides the additional support of fighting free radicals that lead to signs of aging,” says Newland, who suggests loading up on high vitamin C foods such as kiwi, berries, citrus, raw peppers, broccoli, and kale.

4. Add a quality supplement

Taking a pure collagen powder as a supplement is an easy way to provide your body with a dose of this anti-aging protein.

“I am a big fan of marine collagen supplements or bovine collagen powder,” says Newland. The benefit to marine clgn is its superior bio-availability, meaning it is more easily absorbed by the body, due to the smaller particle size of fish collagen peptides.

There are a variety of elastin powder supplements available on the market, which can usually be easily dissolved in water or added to your favorite juice or smoothie without any taste. Alternately, you can get it in capsules if you prefer to take it that way.

5. Don’t forget lifestyle factors

Make sure you look at the bigger picture, too, when it comes to looking after your collagen levels naturally. “Staying out of the sun, reducing toxic overload on your system, keeping hydrated, and having a diet high in richly pigmented fruits and vegetables — which are loaded with antioxidants that help scavenge free radicals and reduce inflammation and oxidation of cells, which can be detrimental to skin and joints — are practices that can have a really positive impact on our elastin levels and the way we age,” says Newland.

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