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One of New Zealand’s leading cosmetics and ‘cosmeceuticals’ suppliers Pauling Industries Limited, has maintained a strong focus on organic health and beauty products. Established in 1990 by Paul Chan, it was the first New Zealand cosmetics manufacturer to accomplish organic certification for its range of skincare products through contract manufacturing.

Ever since then, the company has grown substantially and diversified its product lines. Pauling Industries now develops and manufactures products for a variety of clients’ brands, including health and beauty, organic food, supplements, and medical solutions.

“The company founder and current owners have always lived the organic lifestyle by default, so transitioning to organic certification was a natural progression”, says Nick Scown, Managing Director.

Given our company and our roots, we knew immediately that being certified organic was the only way forward, not only to distinguish us but also to add the trust, integrity, and honesty that our customers look for. We believe in living and breathing the organic lifestyle, from the food we eat to household products we use and beauty and skincare products we apply to our bodies.

Our interest in transparency was the main reason for our decision to become certified organic.

Pauling Industries has been a pioneer in developing in-house products, such as our own organic Lavender Hydrosol, which we use mainly in certified organic skincare products. Our interest in R&D has seen the company receive a FRST government grant to research natural extracts such as kiwifruit for use in health and beauty products.

Pauling Industries

Nick Scown: “Furthermore, we are the first and only company in Australasia to produce certified organic cleaning solutions for everyday household use – safe for the whole family”.

In the beauty and skincare industry, there are often dubious claims made regarding the source of ingredients, with terms such as ‘organic’, ‘natural’, ‘hypersensitive’, and others are thrown around, among many other claims such as ‘liquid cosmetics’.

In New Zealand, where we still lack organic labeling regulations, one can add a meager amount of organic ingredients and claim the product is organically sourced. Whilst this is technically truthful, we believe it is ethically misleading. That is why it is crucial that customers look for the BioGro organic certification mark – a guarantee that the product actually consists of organic ingredients.

“Early on, we identified that going organic and natural was critical for our continued growth and support in the marketplace, says Nick Scown. Teaming up with BioGro was an easy decision for us because we knew the organic market is a thriving industry. We are here to stay.

Pauling Industries exports to Australia, Singapore, Korea, the UK, Europe, and the USA. Since becoming certified organic, we have concentrated on growing our market share of the certified organic market. In any market, it takes a long time to get established, but the longevity of the products we’ve developed so far gives us confidence that we’re on the right track.

With BioGro’s trademark and team on board, the company is confident that its reputation will continue to grow.

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