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About Orientique

Orientique is an Australian women’s fashion label that has been creating unique, artistic, and natural clothing since 1976. Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Orientique has grown over the past 40+ years into an internationally recognized brand with stockists in over 2000 stores around the world.

Orientique’s clothing collections focus on natural fabrics like organic cotton, linen, and rayon. They have a “plant to garment” philosophy, carefully selecting fibres from some of the world’s best mills to use in their production. The use of high-quality natural materials results in soft, comfortable clothing that drapes beautifully on a woman’s body.

Their designs combine natural fabrics with exclusive artistic prints sourced globally from places like Italy, France, and England. The mix of exquisite prints and flattering shapes makes each Orientique garment special and unique.

Orientique’s Commitment to Natural Fabrics

A core part of Orientique’s brand is its commitment to using natural, environmentally friendly fabrics in its clothing.

The cotton used in Orientique’s organic cotton clothing has a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification. This means it meets the highest standards for organic cotton production. The organic certification ensures no harmful chemicals or pesticides were used in growing the cotton. It also guarantees fair labour practices and safe working conditions for the farmers and workers who produce the cotton.

The rayon used in Orientique clothing is sourced from FSC-certified forests, meaning it comes from responsibly managed forests. The rayon can be traced back to the specific sustainable forest it came from.

By using organic cotton and responsible rayon, Orientique reduces its environmental impact. Organic cotton uses 91% less water compared to conventional cotton and eliminates the use of toxic pesticides and chemicals. Responsible rayon ensures forests are managed sustainably for future generations.

Orientique’s commitment to natural fabrics benefits the environment as well as the wearer. Organic cotton and rayon have a wonderfully soft feel against the skin. They are also safer for sensitive skin compared to synthetic fabrics made from chemicals and plastics.

Orientique Natural Clothing

The Making of an Orientique Garment

Orientique releases two clothing collections each year – a Summer collection focused on cotton and rayon woven fabrics and a Winter collection using cotton and rayon knits.

The process starts with the Orientique design team in Australia working closely with artists in Europe to design unique prints for each collection. They then collaborate with production teams in India where Orientique has been manufacturing their clothing for over 45 years.

The long-term partnerships Orientique has built over decades with its suppliers, printers, and mills are a key factor in its success. These strong relationships ensure access to the finest organic cotton fibres and the ability to maintain excellent quality while keeping costs low. Even with large increases in organic cotton prices over the past year, Orientique has focused on absorbing costs rather than passing them on to boutiques that sell their clothes.

Once the fabrics are printed with the season’s prints, Orientique’s team of highly skilled tailors cut and sew the garments in their workshop in India. Each piece goes through multiple quality control checks including a final fitting before being tagged as “Orientique Naturally Australian” and shipped out to stockists.

Supporting Small Businesses

Orientique distributes its clothing collections through a network of over 600 boutique stockists in Australia and 2000 internationally.

They are proud to be a small business supporting other small businesses. Even as the brand has grown globally, it maintains a boutique approach focused on understanding the needs of its retail partners and providing excellent service.

The company is still run by a close-knit team who have worked together for decades. They have state account managers based around Australia who visit stores regularly to preview upcoming collections. Headquarters staff in Brisbane coordinate logistics, sales and finance to keep operations running smoothly.

Orientique’s size range from 8-24 reflects their mission to create natural clothing for real women. Their garments are designed to fit and flatter the Australian body shape. Affordable pricing means small boutiques can offer their customers beautiful, exclusive designs without breaking the budget.

Shop Online or In-Store

Locally, Orientique clothes can be found at Patterson’s Boutique in Whakatane. They carry a wide selection of the latest Orientique styles each season both online and in their physical store.

Shoppers can browse the current collection online and then come into the store to try on their favourite pieces. The passionate team at Patterson’s will help you find that perfect Orientique garment in your size whether you are shopping in the boutique or online.

So visit Patterson’s Boutique to experience Orientique’s naturally beautiful clothing for yourself! Their organic fabrics and artistic prints create comfortable, flowing pieces that are kind to your body and the earth.

Orientique Australian Clothing Brand

Orientique’s Natural Clothing – Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Orientique use organic cotton?

Orientique chooses organic cotton because it’s better for the environment and your health compared to conventional cotton. Organic cotton is grown without toxic chemicals and pesticides that pollute waterways and soil. It also eliminates your exposure to harsh substances touching your skin.

What makes Orientique’s rayon sustainable?

Orientique uses rayon made from FSC-certified timber forests. FSC certification guarantees the trees are harvested from responsibly managed forests that protect the environment and local communities.

How often do the Orientique collections change?

There are two major collections per year – one for Summer and one for Winter. Each season features all new prints and garment shapes.

Where are Orientique clothes designed?

The initial design process happens with the Orientique team in Australia. They collaborate with artists globally to design unique prints. The clothes are then manufactured in Orientique’s workshop in India.

What sizes do Orientique clothes come in?

Orientique garments range from size 8 to 24. Their size range reflects their mission to create natural clothing for the bodies of real Australian women.

What types of stores stock Orientique?

Orientique distributes primarily through independent boutiques. They partner with over 600 small businesses in Australia and 2000 more internationally.

How can I buy Orientique clothing?

Locally, you can shop the full Orientique collection online or in-store at Patterson’s Boutique in Whakatane. Their team will help you find the perfect pieces.

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