How to Pay Your Mortgage Faster

Our lives are determined by the quality with which we breathe. No, we are not referring to a lavish lifestyle or posh likings. Life is much more about what you own and are happy with. Suppose you do not have a car parked in your garage. This does not mean that you lack a commodity. You should simply be content with the life you are leading. Even if you own a tiny house of yours with a happy family. And, when you lay your eyes on such a family, you know, you have done enough to keep everyone smiling and healthy.

Mortgage Payments

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But, things can get tense when you have an ongoing mortgage on your shoulders. Even worse if the mortgage spans for more than a single decade. In such a situation, you might feel like paying for your house your entire life. However, there are specific ways to slash the time it takes for you to pay off your mortgage. You need several strategies, out of which many do not require a lot of money. You just have to be a creative thinker and a proactive individual when paying off the mortgage.

When it concerns paying off the mortgage a bit quicker, try to combine these tactics and make a move.

Make Biweekly Payments

In order to pay off your house relatively quicker, this option can split your monthly mortgage amount in half. Furthermore, you can send this calculated amount after every two weeks. And, by the end of the year, you may have made around 13 payments in total. This is one of the strategies to shave off 4-6 years from your 30-year loan or mortgage. But, this also depends on the interest rate of your loan. On the other hand, on a 15-20 year mortgage, biweekly payments can cut close to 1-3 years from your loan span.

Budget for an Extra Payment Each Year

This can be your savior if you plan the strategy well. If you do not want the hassle of paying biweekly, consider getting similar savings by making that extra payment every year. A tax bonus or refund can offer the cash you need for this point. Here, earmark the whole amount toward the mortgage principal, and later you can reduce the repayment term by a minimum of 3-5 years by making an extra payment annually.

Send Extra Money for the Principal Each Month

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Sometimes people can’t afford an extra payment. And, if you are one of them, what would you do to save that liability of paying an extra month’s amount? Well, you would want to consider an additional amount every month. Prepaid mortgages are ideal for people who lack the discipline to save. You can pay a round-up for your next $100 to make record-keeping straightforward and effortless. Moreover, you can also add around $100 to the entire payment amount. For such a strategy, contact your lender to handle specific payments that go beyond the regular bill.

Recast Your Mortgage

Suppose you get a windfall or inheritance. In that case, consider recasting the entire mortgage. Some of the loan and mortgage services provide this option when they get a lump-sum payment toward the whole loan principal. When it comes to recasting, organizations amortize the entire load to stay the same. However, the monthly payment is then lowered, based on the alleviated or minimized principal.

And, do not forget that not all mortgages or loans are eligible for recasting.

Refinance Your Mortgage

Yet another method of paying your mortgage faster is through refinancing your loan. Refinancing the loan can lower your interest rate and lead to ultimate savings. For example, instead of refinancing for your 30-year mortgage, the new refinanced loan could be around 15 years in term. Since monthly dues will be relatively higher with shorter periods, consumers can cut their interest rates over the loan’s life.

Select a Flexible-Term Mortgage

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Since 15-30 year mortgages are pretty prevalent, they are not just available options for you. In such situations, consider whether you can afford shorter amortization terms. If one can opt to refinance, consider looking for lenders that offer flexible mortgages. Shorter ones, however, mean less amount paid on interest rates over time. And, if you are unsure of which term to choose, an independent mortgage broker can assist in determining how short a term is applicable and comfortable for you to repay.

Consider Using an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

Remember when the housing market collapsed entirely in 2008? In such a situation, adjustable-rate mortgages helped contribute to several waves of foreclosure. The loans and mortgages began with a low introductory interest that could adjust higher after a particular period. And, if you are considering this type of mortgage, consider looking closely at the insights and details to understand the likely jump in the monthly payment and interest rate.

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