Fishing Tips for Beginners: How To Fish?

In the world of modern technicalities and technological advancements, people are coming back to basics. And, when we talk about such things, we are speaking about recreational activities that are beneficial for health and the environment. Here, fishing is one of the discoveries that are prevalent on the far shores of several countries. While some are accustomed to saltwater finishing, others like to have fun with freshwater ones. But, no matter where and how you tend to fish, you need to know some basic things about fishing.

Fishing Tips

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So, are you all set to catch more fish while casting, enjoying trolling triumph, and having a significant amount of blast while bottom fishing? Well, that would be ideal, isn’t it? We have compiled some top tips for you that might help you make the mark instantly.

Fishing Lure Colors

This has to be the most crucial point here. An angler needs to match its lure color to the color of the water. You might never know what color lures your fish prefers on any provided day. This makes the catching activity a little easier. However, when we talk about the thumb rule, begin by selecting lures that can match the color of the water.

  • For green water, chartreuse or lime is a top pick.
  • For clear water, consider pearl or white.
  • For tannin-stained water, root beer can prove to be relatively more productive.

Fishing Lure Shapes & Sizes

Select lure sizes that can enable you to match the hatch. Remember, when predators feed on a school of thin and small fish like anchovies, a thin spoon with similar sizes and shapes can prove deadly. But, consider the five-inch lure that comes with an overall body. This is because it can go untouched for a significant part of the lure. The length and profile are also crucial in this regard. Speaking of which, your quarry might focus on the size and shape of the bait and ignore all other types of offerings.

The Right Size Fishing Gear

Suitable fishing gear is what you need while heading towards fishing spots, be it freshwater or saltwater. Remember, when you begin, do not buy one-size-fits-all reels and rods. Buy a 12-pound class reel that you may use for bass and tossing little spinners and jigs that the black crappie likes to hit. Moreover, the middle-ranged rod will not be ideal for either job. Instead of making do, get specific gear that is ideally sized for the fish you want to hunt and lure.


If you begin to troll (motor along steadily while towing lures behind the boat), prior to deploying your lines, hold the lures beside the boat and look at them to ensure they are swimming naturally. If they tend to appear passive, speed up a little.

Fishing Line

Fishing Line

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There are several brands and types of fishing lines online and offline. So, always be careful to select the fishing line. You need to go through freshwater fishing tackle and saltwater fishing lines to know the low-down of various types you might be choosing from.

Best Time of the Day

As a thumb rule, you must fish late or early. Several species of fish bite ideally right at dusk and dawn in ambient sunlight. While in the mid-day hours of the day, cloud cover can make fishing better. Moreover, it would help if you looked for regions with shade.

Tides & Currents

Along with the suitable time, if you happen to fish in saltwater, ensure to consider currents and tides when you are close to deciding when to fish. The flowing and ebbing of the current tides significantly impact when, how, and where saltwater fish feed.

Sharp Hooks

Always look for new hooks while going fishing. But, if you have old hooks, do not forget to sharpen them. It does sound simple common sense since it is. However, countless people fish daily with dull and old hooks. Will you be catching a few fish with old hooks? Maybe!

Reel Drag

Freshly Caiught Fish

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It would help if you utilized a scale to set the reel’s drag. Moreover, you must know that the drag allows a fish to take line rather than pull against it until it breaks. And, remember, having it properly set is essential to the entire activity. May the truth be told that people usually give a tug on the line. Why? Because that feels just right. Well, that is a poor substitute for tying the line to a hand scale and setting your drag to one-third of the line’s breaking strength, which is usually considered best.

Do Your Research

For any fishing activity, you need to do your research. Various fishing methods have their subtleties. Moreover, there are countless tricks and tips specific to one species of the process of fishing, as compared to another. You need to check everything before heading out. So, do not forget to do the basics.

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