European Nations: Taking Steps To End Colonial Legacies?

When it comes to studying politics, what strikes your mind? Did you know all forms of politics in various countries vary from each other? While you live in the Eastern parts of the globe, the west may have its propaganda or range of political establishments. However, things seem a bit different in Europe. Consequently, centuries of European colonialism have resulted in considerable impact on determining and shaping inequities amid the same countries where several of them are yet to be addressed or discovered.

Even though this may sound like a trivial statement, it is very much the truth you would not want to miss out on. In 2019, the parliament of Europe passed a list of fundamental rights and resolutions that concerned the people of African Descent. Moreover, it called for an insightful perspective on slavery and colonialism, recognizing their contemporary and historical adverse effects on African people. Consequently, last year’s action plans of anti-racism declared that colonialism has been embedded in the entire European history and has profound roots in the society to which there’s no hiding or running away.

European Colonialism

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However, still in the EU, there are numerous ways to recognize, determine, let alone address the editorial and structural legacies of colonialism, for instance, the dividing virtue and lines between African Europeans and white people. Moreover, throughout the central regions of the EU societies, people of color are most discriminated against. Yet, speaking of differences and races amid white and people of color, it is not a part of the legal and political EU discourse.

Take Sweden’s case study.

When it concerns the drawing recognition of Europe’s colonial legacies, Sweden is a valid case that many people can study. As a result, after the 2nd world war, the nation projected itself as one of the moral superpowers without promoting any concerns with racism and colonialism. Moreover, it was one of the champions for global justice, equal rights, and solidarity.

Having said that, since the early 1960s, it stood against colonialism and racism at the United Nations and supported anti-colonial struggles and discriminations. Besides, it also funded the ANC in South Africa, if you did not know that. As a result, today, Sweden is only one of the world’s most significant donors of development aid, irrespective of being a small nation. Furthermore, Sweden also caught the public’s eye when it allowed generous permission of refugees per capita. And, we are talking about Europe here. And, if you are someone who believes in the Good Country Index, no one on the planet contributes more to humanity’s good.

Also, Sweden has constantly benefited from, participated in, and even contributed to colonialism’s international racial divisions. Between the 1st and 2nd world wars, the parliament of Sweden voted for a state institute establishment for promoting, studying, and conserving the nation’s race biology. Also, did you know that the commonplace conception during such a period was that the traditional and ethnic Swedes belonged or were associated with solid Nordic white European types? Moreover, they were a mere bystander to the entire racial order when it came to the world affairs that commenced with the European expansion in the late 15th century.

European Politics

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Addressing colonial legacies

Irrespective of endless efforts in the same respects, many other European nations have not recognized several global inequalities that result in colonialism legacies. Speaking of which, the United Nations’ Antonio Guterres, who is the secretary-general, stated that colonialism is one of those engraved veins that still reverberates in social injustices, international power relations, and the global economy.

When you move further into the topic, you will understand how former colonial powers refused to give up their hold and dominations at the World Bank, UN, and International Monetary Fund. Having said that, several European countries and governments have ignored and opposed UN resolutions with an intimidating majority held by the Human Rights Council and UN General Assembly, which called for an equitable international and democratic order. France, the UK, and various other European nations have also ignored the Durban Declaration implementation. And, this has been supported by Sweden.

Final Words

When you think about it, European politics had gained a significant amount of ground when Brexit happened. And, when you talk about the tenacity and adversity in French political platforms, you would simply think about everything that can go wrong. Such is the magnitude of problems that cannot be fixed. This is where you have to think straight, or else; you will be losing a considerable amount of ground and sanity.


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But, in the end, the EU countries still seem to be recognizing colonialism’s global impact. On the other hand, Sweden has a government agency that has been making constant efforts towards raising voices and awareness of getting racialized orders of European colonialism. Things have been slow but, slowly and steadily, things may change soon.

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