Best PS4 Titles To Play Before 2021 Ends

Have you been an avid gamer who loves to play and nothing else? Have you been playing ever since Nintendo came into the world? Well, gamers can either be active or passive. But, how do you define a gamer? There are no definitions to elaborate on such a term. Nonetheless, gaming requires skills and whatnot. You are either a gamer by heart or simply playing action sequences for the same as playing. Either you have ample money to leverage a console or just want to kill time because you feel relatively lazier to adhere to anything else.

But, if your case is different and owns a PS4 console, things can turn for you quickly. Ever since PS2 was released, gamers lost their mind over it. And, even though the PS3 was unpopular because of its transitional phase from standard definition to high definition or BlueRay Compact Disks, Sony hasn’t looked back. PS4 is by far the most sold console globally and competes very well with its competitors and predecessors. So, if you are one of those who haven’t played its best titles, play now before PS5 completely takes over the gaming universe.

1. The Last Of Us Part 2

You are not a true PlayStation patriot if you haven’t played the legendary LOU series yet. Released back in 2013 on PS3, Naughty Dog went a level ahead of their gaming adventures. With Uncharted already in production, they played a massive gamble with a new gaming sequence with The Last Of Us. However, everything changed when the game got released. Gamers were found with heartaches, chills, and tears when they finally completed the game. Not only did this millennium title become a landmark in the gaming industry, but it explored yet another genre of storytelling, voice-acting, and music.

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2. Rise of the Tomb Raider & Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The 20-year celebration title was no less than a seamless adventure food for TR enthusiasts. We all know how the game looked in the 1990s when Lara Croft was still a new character in the gaming world. While people were still in the Metal Gear Solid Hangover when MGS1 first came, Lara Croft was a shadow. However, things have changed significantly for everyone. Lara Croft has been delivering a punch of substantive combat and enjoyable puzzling. The storyline begins with the high-rise snow-clad peaks of Siberia to save and finish her father’s work. You can either pick the game on PS4 this year or wait to get all previous DLCs.

3. Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human comes from the developers’ Quantic Dream. It comprises a fascinating story game centering around Detroit in 2038. Society has changed, and we’re already in the future where machines called Androids have taken over the entire colony. Androids are responsible now for doing all the inferior jobs. However, Detroit: Become Human tends to explore what occurs when they gain sentience and begin altering and breaking their programming. Remember, every move counts. And, when you make a decision, it reflects on the storyline and affects your character development. So, play it multiple times to see what you missed.


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4. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

While we’ve already talked about how the Uncharted franchise has made a mark in the previous decade, Naughty Dog released another masterclass on PS4. But, this time, it was Uncharted 4. All its true successes lie in characters, wittiness, and minor detailing. Oh sure, you have big action pieces and major landscape changes, but you can’t forget about how Nathan’s clothes get caked in the mud and how Sully and Nathan managed to drive their 4*4 through some of the iconic runs and chase sequences. Well, as exploratory and explosive Uncharted 4 is, it is deeply personal and intimate.

5. Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima embarks on an Assassin’s Creed-style Japan assisted by the Red Dead Redemption 2-sized world. In addition, it blends in a complete library’s worth of Akira Kurosawa movies. Well, it would be a shame if we do not create an ideal swan song on the PS4 while playing this pristine beauty. And, do not forget, it is a tribute to the entire Japanese culture.

6. Red Dead Redemption 2

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Stand back, remember the days when RDR was released on PS4’s predecessor, and you’ll know what we’re talking about. RDR2 basks in the glory of game-making. And, who else will understand better than Rockstar themselves? Known as the kings of open-world gaming and game-making masterpieces, you are in for a gloriously epic adventure of the game that is reckoned as the prequel to the RDR. So, what are you guys waiting for? Get this masterpiece now and know what it feels like to live in the wild wild west with wonderfully crafted characters and situations. In the end, the game also does not repeat missions.

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