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Simple Outdoor Activities and Games for Children

Simple Outdoor Activities and Games for Children

Outdoor activities and excursions have been a part of everyone’s lives for a very long period. However, a lot of things have changed lately. From teaching kids about digital forums to keeping them indoors are the talk of the modern age. Well, truth be told, most of it was promoted because of the pandemic. And, it does not end here. Parents are not sending their kids out in fear of extracting the virus from other people, be it parks, schools, or other outdoor areas. But, did you know the advantages such a platform can bring for your kids? Have you got any idea about how those little ones might benefit from outdoor fun?

Fun Outdoor Games

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If you know by now? You are in for a treat. So, when you have many children over for a play date or an outdoor birthday party, it would be handy to think about some of the best ideas. Outdoor activities and games for kids do not have to be complex or challenging. Easy to understand and simple instructions for kids can encourage and promote several hours of active play. This simply implies that kids will spend more time with their friends, playing in the sun and fresh air. So, let’s discuss some of the best outdoor games there are.


You should know that the object of such a ball game is to run as fast and far as possible from the player throwing the ball. Moreover, you have to dodge the ball and not get hit by it.

How to Play

  1. Begin with a player in the middle. That player will be the thrower, or “it.” The rest should stand within your arm’s reach.
  2. Your thrower has to toss the ball straight up. So, as soon as they release the ball, players start to run away. And, when a thrower tends to catch the ball, he yells, “Spud!” This call will allow all the players to freeze up wherever they are.
  3. A thrower has to tag a player with the ball. Speaking of which, a frozen player can dodge the object and is not allowed to move their feet.
  4. If a thrower happens to miss, the thrower repeats steps 3 and 2.
  5. Having said that, you can play the game until a player receives all four letters, meaning they are out of the game.

Red Light, Green Light

Well, this has to be one of the popular outdoor activities after Squid Games made it famous worldwide. And, no, we are not talking about the lethal one that was played in the Netflix series but what it is played between. It is one of the popular games played by kids.

How to Play

  1. A player is designated as one of the “stoplights.” A stoplight player tends to stand with his back toward others.
  2. The stoplight then starts calling out “green light,” signaling other players to move toward him. And, when it is a red light, everyone has to stop and freeze. Players moving after the spotlight turns towards them are out.
  3. The game happens to be all over if everyone’s out or nobody reaches the spotlight or tags it.


Outdoor Activities

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Haven’t you heard about sardines? This is one of the popular ones, which is a complete reverse of hide-and-go-seek.

How to Play

  1. One player hides, and everyone else has to look for him.
  2. Each of you that finds the hiding one joins them in their hiding place.
  3. With players finding the hiding player, they crowd the space and hide in a pack, which forms like sardines in a can. And, the last one becomes the first to start the next round.

Four Square

Well, you do not require much to play this game. All one needs is:

  • A ball that’s ideal for bouncing and catching (like a volleyball or soccer ball)
  • The sidewalk chalk
  • Another hard surface or space on asphalt upon which one can draw lines and bounce a ball

How to Play

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  1. Every child in the game has to form a queue.
  2. Moving on, the child in the first square is the server who bounces the ball to one of the other squares available in the game. Post that, the child in that square should hit the ball in the direction of another one without letting it tumble and bounce more than once.
  3. And, if the player misses and the ball tends to bounce more than once, they will be out (this is one of the best ways to rotate other players if more than four kids are playing the game).
  4. Suppose there are only four kids available in the game, the child who misses the ball has to take the ace place, which is fourth. Speaking of which, the object of the game is to be the king and stand in the longest spot, known as the king.

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Reasons Why Outdoor Games Are Essential

Reasons Why Outdoor Games Are Essential

Do you have kids, or were you a kid who loved to get on your father’s shoulders and love the presence of the basking sun? Well, if that is the case, imagine a pristine sunny day, a cool breeze cooling off all your day’s anxiety and stress. Then, you can gather through the green field with a ball and some friends. And, you spend a good amount of hours under the sun, playing games, experiencing the benefits of fresh air and laughter. Now, for some hours, you are only indulged in some games. In this case, outdoor games or activities are essential in a world of pollution, concrete, and stress.

Fun Outdoor Games

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Speaking of which, this article defines outdoor games as anything medicinal and recreational, including football, hiking, outdoor basketball, and backyard games such as ladder toss or shuffleboard. Here are a handful of reasons why you need to consider playing outdoors.

1. Outdoor games are free.

Unlike recreational centers like amusement parks and gyms, playing outside doesn’t generally induce a cost. You can simply find community tennis courts, basketball courts, and public parks maintained by state authorities with your hard-earned tax money. For several outdoor games, all you require is an open field. Moreover, playing outside can be accessible to anyone, irrespective of the budget.

2. Outdoor games can help children excel in academic performance.

In one of the 2010 studies, around 80% of the teachers stated that kids who spent their time playing outside performed in the class with improved grades. This makes a lot of sense since kids are pretty energetic and do not seem to stop. In 2016, another study stated that kids who go camping once a year have better grades than those who do not.

3. Playing outside is one of the best sources of vitamin D.

Outdoor Games

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Even though you can consume Vitamin D foods and supplements, sunlight remains one of the natural sources. However, if you are low, you are at significant risk of extracting type 1 diabetes, muscle pain, and different types of cancer. Moreover, vitamin D can promote calcium absorption, which is quite essential for robust bones. Speaking of which, this does not imply that you need to stand under the sun for several hours without sunscreen.

4. Outdoor activities build up strength.

Well, you can gain a considerable amount of muscles in the gym, but when you hit the outdoors, your body tends to deal with all-natural factors and not a closed room’s scent. In this way, you can also build muscles through body-weight activities without using any equipment or machines. If you did not know, outdoor exercise is quite adaptable. So, while you think of hitting the gym with several equipment pieces parked around, it can be intimidating and overwhelming. But, know what is at stake.

5. Outdoor activities can boost your memory.

Many studies state that being outdoors, primarily when walking is involved, promotes better memory. Michigan University conducted a study where they divided subjects into a couple of groups. While one group walked on a city street, the latter went to the arboretum. Subjects that strolled in the arboretum showed an improvement of 20% than when they first established their test results. Meanwhile, the second group did not show any progress.

6. Outdoor activities enhance mental health.

As already discussed, playing outdoor activities can have several benefits than being indoors. One solid reason is that it has overwhelming versatility, whereas indoor ones are flat and consistent. You do not have enough room to improvise while being indoors. Outdoor games require more concentration and focus, encouraging mindfulness, which is one of the standard techniques to improve mental health.

7. Being outside reduces stress and depression.

Fun and Laughter Outdoor

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Many researchers have conducted studies on how outdoor games and activities can reduce depression and stress. Experts also quote that being outside camping, in nature, and exercising can reduce your stress levels. Having said that, do a simple experiment. Go out on a brief walk. When you move out, you will meet several people of the community, greet strangers, see an opportunity to help, and indulge in several things you didn’t know about what life had to offer. All these experiences can lead to effectiveness and efficiency in life.

8. Outdoor activities can regulate the sleep cycle.

One of the research pieces shows that individuals who spent most of their time outside slept better. This is especially the case for male members of society who are 65 or more.

9. Outdoor games can enhance creativity.

You do not have to consume any supplements to enhance your creativity levels. When you are amidst nature, the world’s unrecognized elements surround you. As a result, you never run out of creativity. Moreover, playing outdoors can also stimulate your mind and force people to stay off social media and digital devices.

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